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This more advanced method can make astounding results. You should try "Colorize - Quick Method" if you get stuck in this. Enjoy this video tutorial.
Flaming text. Use it for barbeque events! Pretty many steps to walk through, but hopefully you'll learn something in this video tutorial.
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Sow your own grass within a few mouse clicks. Go create your golf course with the help of this video tutorial!
This video tutorial shows you how to add some motion and extras into your pictures. See the pathtool in action and learn some benefits of the layer mask.
Ever played Max Payne? This video tutorial teaches you how to do something similar to the digital artwork that pops up between the chapters.
Do you dare to play God? If you do, follow this video tutorial to create your own ocean.
In this video tutorial you will learn how to make that curl you always wanted to make!
This video tutorial will give you the visual education that is needed to make these very realistic raindrops.