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Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, January 2006
Cant afford to go see the pyramids right now? You can just as well marvel at your own Egyptian art! Our tutorial will teach you how to create these compelling realistic replicas.
Create a new 500x500 document.
Select gradient tool->radial gradient (mode multiply)
Now create circles in left side of document, smth like this.
Filter>Artistic>Plastic Warp (14 8 8)...
Create new 500x500px transparent document.
Filter->Blur->Motion Blur, use these settings: Angle: 0 Distance: 999
Filter->Stylize->Find Edges
Duplicate layer...
Create new 500x500 transparent document. <br/> Filter->Render->Clouds Filter->Stylize->Find edges Image->Adjustements->Invert <br/> Image->Adjutement->Hue/Saturation use these settings: Colorize-checked Hue: 190 Saturation: 100 Lightness: +15 Now zoom out image (ctrl-)