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Domain name registration is the most important step to take when setting up a website, although not actually the first step. The first step to take is to choose a good domain name!
<span>Editor's Pick in Hosting Services, April 2007</span><br/>If you've made up your mind to change your Web Hosting Provider this article describing all the necessary preparations will certainly come in handy to you.
<span>Editor's Pick in Hosting Services, March 2007</span><br/>This article is written in such a way that you can't help but improve your search for a good webhost server if you follow the instructions. The author explains the reasons for each concern as well as what to do about it.
One would think that registering a domain is the first step when setting up your website. This is not quite true. Hopefully you had done your research first to identify your niche keywords, in other words, the primary key terms that people are looking for in relation to your business.
Editor's Pick in Templates & Tuning, January 2007
This article gives you Web Design the Easy Way - Some Quick Tips to Get Started. The author makes an easy to read statement that is rich with the wisdom of getting to basics from the most practical point of view.
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Writing articles to promote you Web site has long been thought to the best way let people know about your products or services but you might want to think again. Read this article to find out more.