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In this detailed tutorial we will learn how to make a Diablo III styled wallpaper.
This tutorial will teach you the very basics of space art. You will learn to create stars, space and galactic nebula.
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Web design studio layout is something you really need to create yourself to show some personal approach and creativity but here are some tips you are to take into consideration to make it faster and look it as if youve been in this business for...
In this tutorial we'll list 10 really useful techniques and shortcuts for Photoshop beginners. These tips will hopefully do wonders for your Photoshop skills, and speed up your work. Enjoy!
Learn in this tutorial how to design an awesome wallpaper with Mac logo.
Layer effects was new in Photoshop 5 and makes a lot of third party plugins unnecessary. Here's a brief overview of these effects. Be sure to check out how to use them in the "glass spheroid" tutorial.
Learn in this tutorial how to make a nice looking aurora borealis.
This lesson will show to you as by means of simple actions to create a beautiful and interesting wallpaper.
I will show you how to create a magic crystal orb with some nice light effects.
Being able to create effects from elsewhere is a great way to learn Adobe Photoshop. Here I will take you through the steps used to create abstract background from bubbles and waves.