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Here's a list of useful guides and tips on making the most out of the 3dTransform Filter.
Here's a few simple steps to alter a photo using the Color Range command combined with varying Fill Layers.
Here's a detailed look to help simulate underwater scenes.
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In this TutorialSite.Org Exclusive Tutorial, we will teach you how to create a cartoonish looking Monster using Adobe Photoshop.
Learn how to make a seal of approval with this Photoshop Tutorial. Great for beginners, satisfaction guaranteed.
You have a photo which is too dark, and the color is way out. You will be taught how to retouch this photo in order to transform it into a perfectly fine image. This tutorial was created using Adobe Photoshop CS2, but even though you might have an older version, compatibility regarding options and ....
In this tutorial you will learn how to create the most realistic looking wood effect, which you can then in its own turn implement into your designs. The tutorial contains image illustrations and full descriptions to these illustrations to guide you through the creation process.
This tutorial will help you create a stylish website header with a curve and some other interesting effects. This tutorial contains image illustrations with full descriptions to guide you through the process of building yourwebsite header.