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To begin with, start off by opening the image you want to edit. In this case, Beyonce Knowles' shoulder
Next, import the image you want to tattoo. In this case, the tiger.
Note: The tiger was originally coloured before the import of it.
Occasionally, you may wish to have a redirect page that pauses for a few seconds before sending the visitor off to the destination. For example, there may be important text on the redirect page you wish the visitor to get a chance to read, or a banner ad to see.before proceeding. This redirect scrip...
Add this nifty script to your pop up pages for the users to close them :). Six great styles that should work if done properly.
Editor's Pick in HTML and CSS Articles, December 2005
If you want to get rid of a banner on a free server and are willing to risk it, try these simple HTML tricks to remove it.
Using the code in this tutorial, you will be able to get all the information about a browser.
Thinking about blinking text on your website? This tutorial carries the HTML code you need.
If you're bored with static text on your status bar, try this tutorial to set it flying.
With this code you will learn how to make horizontal navigation bar using CSS.
With this code you will learn how to make fading fmages using Java Script.
Start by creating a new image in the grey scale mode. I used the dimensions of 288 x 288 in the example. Click on the channels palette create a new channel. By using the Text Tool, type in the text (keep your text color white)...