SeekaHost™: The Easiest Way to Get a Domain Name, Host it on WordPress and Get Online Fast

SeekaHost.com was started back in 2000 and in 2015 ClickDo™ acquired it with Fernando Raymond’s leadership. The company grew to become the best business web hosting company headquartered in London, UK.

SeekaHost™: The Easiest Way to Get a Domain Name, Host it on WordPress and Get Online Fast 1

The web hosting services company grew fast with its best seller SEO web hosting services that took over the SEO industry by storm.

SeekaHost™ is the easiest solution for domain name registration and cheap web hosting for personal websites and managed WordPress hosting for business websites.

Recently SeekaHost™ launched its new websites for seekahost.com and seekahost.co.uk, seekahost.in as well seekahost.lk are ready to operate from 2020. The seekahost.de website is currently being built and the content is created by Manuela Willbold.

The SeekaHost™ management has mentioned they have plans to launch in 10 countries in 2020 and eventually launch sperate websites for 100 countries.

As of now, Fernando is planning for SeekaHost™ to either be launched on separate websites for each country or on country specific pages on seekahost.com and serve locally in each country in their own native language.

SeekaHost™ officials have also mentioned that none of the other web hosting services companies care about customers’ online success as much as SeekaHosters and that’s why SeekaHost™ have launched their Cyber Skills academy for anyone to learn digital marketing.

SeekaHost™ also offers online marketing services for business customers and a free business listing and SEO consultancy via the SeekaHost™ UK website for their customers.

SeekaHost™ web hosting packages includes:

  • Personal web hosting
  • Business website hosting
  • London Server hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • SEO web hosting
  • Multiple IP hosting solutions
  • Website security and malware cleaning

SeekaHost™ aims to host 1 million UK business websites and help business owners with all the integrated solutions they need to succeed online. The CEO Fernando Raymond is on a mission to get 100 million people online, especially from third world countries.

SeekaHost™ is part of a global movement and with its leadership team offer everything a person or business needs to get online fast and hassle-free.

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