Sell More - Essential Technologies for Real Estate Agencies

Every successful real estate agent has extensive knowledge of the area they operate in: the properties available, their style and average price. The best agents know about areas that are not safe and those that are perfectly safe, the quality of local schools, facilities, services and more. And most importantly of all, they know exactly how and where to find the information buyers need.

Because estate agents dig deep their clients trust them as they're experts in the field. So what technologies do the best agencies harness to promote better relations with property buyers and sellers, and to make more sales?

Technology is your best friend

If you're an estate agent you probably already use a transaction management system. It's the only real way to keep track of all the complex documentation involved in property sales. Some hire a virtual assistant to handle administrative work, and that can work really well, too. But ideally you'll have a central system that everyone in the office can dip into.

Such systems save time and money, increase productivity and efficiency, and let you communicate easily and positively with multiple clients at once... all of which ultimately means a better bottom line. Staying up to date with technological innovations like this mean real estate agents stay ahead of the game, delight their clients, and enjoy an easier, more pleasurable working life.

There's more. How about your competitors? Today's big data means there's a wealth of varied insight available. You might, for example, examine a current, finely detailed Germany business email list to get information about your competitors, their turnover, the number of estate agents they employ. Once you know about your closest competitors, you have the knowledge you need to get ahead of them. Competitive analysis reveals what changes you need to make to stay ahead or even beat them at their own game.

It's also a communication thing. When you have the technology to react instantly to enquiries, you gain an instant competitive advantage over agencies whose staff can't respond as fast. In short, technology takes every real estate agent’s efforts to a new, higher level.

You need social media

A strong, interesting, engaging, relevant and useful social media presence is crucial, whatever sector you operate in. It's particularly important for estate agents since buyers can be found via social media networking and marketing, along with new sellers.

Social media is often very personal. It delivers insight about people's geographic location, likes and dislikes. And it's a good place to find information about a locale, what goes on there, any crime that's happened, property sale prices, all sorts of useful knowledge. When you want to sell and someone wants to buy, it's a great match!

Social media is a good place to make initial contacts before meeting a buyer or seller face to face. And it's a fantastic way to reveal your depth of knowledge to potential clients, both buyers and sellers, and get real estate referrals.

You need VR

Virtual reality is an incredibly powerful real estate sales tool. It lets potential buyers examine and explore a property in fine detail from their home, before making the decision to view the place in person. VR provides a fresh, dynamic perspective on a home or commercial building, letting people see whether it suits their dreams, meets their vision. They can see rooms from every angle, check the scope of the outdoor space, and imagine their furniture and belongings in the space. It all leads to more sales as well as potentially fewer failed sales.

You need a transaction management system

Buying property is incredibly complicated. There are multiple parties involved, each with their own agenda, their own needs and desires. There are tons of different legal boxes to tick and documents to coordinate, sign, deliver and return. That's why you really need a good transaction management system to keep you up to date, alert you to delays and missing items, and keep sales on track. The right systems cut your costs, save valuable time and result in more profit.

Some estate agents and conveyancing lawyers still use snail mail and printed documents, but they're already falling behind, living in the past. Technology represents the only way to compete on a level playing field. Digital is the only solution. A decent real estate transaction management system lets you upload and share files, sign documents digitally, organise your contacts, create contracts and other essential documents, and communicate with everyone concerned via one platform. Real estate agents like Precondo have been using such technology in Toronto for years.

You need to do inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is cost effective. Done right, it has a big impact. It involves using a variety of disciplines consistently, including content marketing, to attract and warm up new leads. When you constantly provide relevant content that genuinely engages your audience you'll soon build a credible, popular brand.

All of that isn't much use, of course, unless you have a great real estate website, a professionally designed site that takes all your activities and actions into account and lets users do everything they need to do. There's no need to reinvent the wheel and design and develop one from scratch. There are plenty of very good ready-designed site themes to tap into, including loads of free WordPress themes, all created specially for your industry.

Move with the times! When you get involved with all the relevant technologies, your life as a successful estate agent will be so much more enjoyable, productive and profitable.

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