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Site of the Month Winners

Site of the Month proposes you to find the best creative work of the month in order to discover new ideas for your inspiration and in order to realize all the possible artistic achievements you can reach using modern techniques and tendencies. Site of the Month -it is a productive result of long-lasting searching and finally found creative godsends and solutions based on the laborious work and reliable experience of previous tasks and ideas. Memorable and outstanding works that open new horizons of creativity are proposed for your kind consideration as a Site of the Month, involving you to another world of materialised dreams that are waiting for your active participation.

Site of the Month

April 2014
Knives PrestaShop Theme (click for more details)

Knives PrestaShop Theme

So you\'re using PrestaShop and need a premium theme? You came to the right place!
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Usability of the Month

January 2012
HatBox (click for more details)


HatBox is another excellent webpage and I especially like that it\'s responsive without any loss of content. I really admired how they opted for a creative icon tab navigation for their portfolio where I feel most companies would have gone with an image slider.
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Animation of the Month

January 2012
Mauricio Guimaraes Portfolio (click for more details)

Mauricio Guimaraes Portfolio

Mauricio portfolio is a good example of creativity. Instead of the ordinary menu, he uses a kind of parallax movieclip, where the user must interact with the stage to explore the site.
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