6 Advanced Techniques to Make Your Website More Effective

Building a successful website is a work of art. What is a successful website? That’s simple, it’s a website that compels your users to do whatever you want them to do. It is known as a conversion optimization, and having a website that doesn’t harness the power of conversion optimization is missing out on a lot of potential. Here I’ll teach you six advanced techniques that will be of a great use and thus you can have an advantage that your competitors envy. 

Building a Website

1. Educate

This is the most common overlooked principle, not just on websites, but everywhere. We sell, we can’t help it, everything we do involves selling. But the truth is, we love buying, but hate to be sold to. That’s why some marketers have found it highly effective to educate their consumers, rather than sell to them. Now don’t throw me out of the window just yet. Selling is not completely bad, if done correctly. I’ve noticed that people get more excited when you educate them, versus just telling them what you can do for them. When you can teach your prospects something new and position yourself as the expert, people can get really excited about working with you. This also increases you chance for referrals because your clients are so pumped about their new found knowledge that their bound to share it with friends of similar interest. Now go out there and educate!

Make Your Website More Effective: Educate Consumers

2. Engage

I can’t tell you how many boring articles I have read. You’ve experienced it too. One of the most dreadful things to do is to read boring material. It’s really bad when you have to read it to get the information, but it isn’t delivered in a lively fashion. Don’t fall into this trap and category of writing boring copy. One of the simplest antidotes is to be yourself, relax, use your natural voice and have fun! Also, try writing about something you’re really excited about, that way the emotion and passion can exude out of the copy. Try to get your readers so excited that they want to forward it to everyone they know may benefit from it. Engage!

Make Your Website More Effective: Engage

3. Use Killer Headlines

Headlines are the art of copy writing and grabbing attention. Look at a magazine while you’re in the line at the grocery store. They have headlines that are designed to make you pick it up, read it, and take it home. I’m going to tell you one of the juiciest secrets to writing killer headlines. Ready? Here it is, Use numbers combined with benefits. Print advertisers have been doing it for centuries. If you look at effective magazine ads, the majority of them utilize this technique. For example, “5 Exercise to Get Rock Hard Abs” or “6 Ways to Make You Man Happier.” Headlines like these demand attention. Use this secret recipe and you’re sure to grab more people’s attention.

Killer Headlines

4. Get Interactive and Mix it Up

There are so many websites out there that torture their readers with a page full of text. When making an effective and engaging webpage, mix it up. You can do this by making space in between paragraphs, adding some pictures, dropping in a video and making it engaging. This relives your readers and doesn’t make the text intimidating. . Wouldn’t you love to go to a multimedia outlet that continues to keep you engaged? So would your readers. You’ll find that people are reading more of your material and that it’s getting viral spins. You then have the potential to become a referral and viral powerhouse!

Make Your Website More Effective: Get Interactive

5. Get Involved and Engage

It’s simple. Get involved! Go have some fun. One way to have an effective website is to encourage participation. Whether it’s blog commenting, encouraging emails or social media integration, engagement can add life to your material. Encourage people to give feedback, share insights and socialize. When people get together and communicate on topics, it creates culture, and culture is something you need to differentiate your website from your competitors. Encourage people to contribute and you’d be surprised at the things even you could learn. 

Make Your Website More Effective: Get Involved and Engage

6. Use Social Validation

Social validation is powerful! It has been the deciding factor in so many decisions. Amazon has done a phenomenal job  at harnessing the power of social validation with their comments and rating system. Social validation is the process of using people to validate your products or services to influence other prospects. This include testimonials, comments, case studies, reviews, and ratings. These things compel people to act. There is a certain level of relief and comfort we get from knowing that people we  have never met before, has had success with something. Social validation has worked for a long time coming, and it will continue to.

Make Your Website More Effective: Social  Validation

By implementing these six strategies, you’ll be well on your way to engaging and converting more prospects into clients.

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