Web Design Basics Design Principles Solid Web Design Tips for a Casino Affiliate Website - Design a Site With Best User Experience

Solid Web Design Tips for a Casino Affiliate Website - Design a Site With Best User Experience

Regardless of the sector to which a company belongs, it is nowadays a prerequisite to have a well-designed business website to rule the internet. Online casinos are one such industry which have recently gained momentum and is all set to stay here for sure. Both social and mobile gaming has expanded its reach like never before with the numerous websites that are popping up to make the users feel the actual experience of physical casinos. When it comes to designing a solid casino affiliate website, most of the publishers try their best to make their websites look and feel like the real brick-and-mortar casinos.

However, packing a casino website with more-than-required graphics and too much of text will add a cheap look to the site and will also drastically increase the loading times. Fortunately enough, if you're a web designer, developing a clean website will never need any or design degree. All that you may need is the comprehension of the fact that "less is more". This is the age of minimalist designing and adding more elements will never bring you the desired traffic. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on the tips that you may follow to create a successful online gaming website.

Retain the definite look and feel of your casino website

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Chances are high that no matter how your site looks today, it will never be a total loss as there is always a little bit of positive designing in almost every site and hence you should start building from that point. If you make drastic changes to your gaming site, that may scare away even your regular customers. Every website has got a certain feel and look which is deemed to be the core element. Remember that this is something which you shouldn't mess with, particularly if you've been here for a while. When Bryan Eisenberg says,"keep the scent", he means just this.

Follow the minimalist strategy

Minimalism is a specific philosophy for designing which puts stress on fewer moving parts in a website. Something that will work in Vegas may not work elsewhere for example in Finland. If you're looking forward to building a website for Finnish online casino games, you have to watch out for the trends that are used in Finland so that you may be able to capture the Finnish audience who usually play in online casinos without the fear of breaking the law since gambling is legal in Finland. Nevertheless, don't have the wrong notion that minimalist designing has to be boring and plain. You may check out websites which have used minimalist designing techniques and know how every element is meaningful and draws attention.

The copy of the website should be scannable and simple

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When users visit the website, they should be able to acquaint themselves with the services and products of the site within few seconds of arrival. An obvious value proposition is required. An area which should be taken care of by web designers is the usage of beginner-friendly gambling lexicon. There are several casino lingoes like "match bonus" and "play through" which might not be understood by the novices. Hence you should avoid using complicated terminology especially in the conversion pages. How about building a glossary section for the beginner players? Don't you think that would enhance their user experience?

Add definite Call to Action words

Call to Actions or CTAs play a vital role in cementing the understanding and trust of users and they even drive increased engagement. If you're new into the casino affiliate industry and you're watching out for some of the best tips, you should always try to include CTAs at the right place. When you place an effective CTA, make sure it stands out in terms of color, size and surrounding negative space. The CTA should also include some dynamic verb and a click-friendly button which is vibrant enough. The homepage should stick to a single CTA and don't make them confuse the user. If you're based in Finland, try to design play safe Finnish sites for your online casino business.

Don't forget to include a search box

Online casinos and gambling affiliate websites with a diverse and rich content base should definitely include a search box for increasing the credibility and satisfaction level of the users. Affiliates like Oddspreview and Jackpotfinder have recently adopted these features and you too can do so. And in case you're planning to add an extensive blog or a news section to the affiliate website, it is definitely going to be a worthwhile investment in order to support SEO.

Overall, the main goal and objective which you should have in front of you while designing your online casino website is gaining the trust of the players and offering unique gaming content which can satisfy everyone. Follow the tips mentioned above to be able to do the same and create a successful gambling website.


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