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Spice Up Your SMM Campaign With These Freebies From TemplateMonster

AliceL Web Promotion May 25, 2017

Do you like spicy food? The reason I’ve asked you this question is in my latest obsession. Recently I have found myself binge-watching videos on YouTube where people eat hella hot dishes. While this night has become the one, that I would like to be sunken in the oblivion, I am still grateful to Universe for this experience.

And here’s why.

Let’s take a minute and think why people use spices, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and other substances? To my mind, it’s because they want to escape the reality and find the sense of life in some kinds of dopings. Or just to spark their life ;)

No doubts, all kinds of dopings are illegal. What can’t be said about spices and SMM tools.

Ooops, where did that come from?:)

Pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise, cayenne… Sounds mouthwatering, right?

Well, if your answer is no, maybe the following will be more appealing to you?

Enthralling posts, catchy visuals, 100000 likes on Facebook, 20000 retweets on Twitter…

Much better, right?

Of course, you liked it. Welcome to our camp, marketing junkie. The second half of this post will be more interesting for you, as we are going to share with you some real treasures.

But first of all, let’s make a test. Open your business profile in any social media and scan it carefully. What’s your impression? Imagine that you are a person, wandering around the Internet, will you be able to understand what your company is doing from the first glance?

What if you were the one from the target audience, searching for the product that is similar to yours? Will you be able to find all the necessary information or to find a discount for the desired service?

Despite your answer, if you have opened this post, that means you’re not completely happy with your profiles on various promotional platforms.

So here are 7 steps to give your social media marketing a royal treatment. Feel free to study them in detail and implement into your business ;)


Step one:

Turn the way you write upside down and grab our free eBook that will teach you tried and true tips on how to make your content stylish.

Download the book

Step two:

Master the subtle art of content marketing by means of advice from TemplateMonster professionals.

Your free eBook is here

Step three: Devote your soul to Facebook

Step four:

Take part in the photo marathon and become the king of Instagram.

Click here to sign up

Step five:

Dive into the world of Instagram promotion and find out how to stand out on this platform.

Learn how to amplify your brand on Instagram

Step six:

Thinking that a skillful post has to be as long as Trump’s speech? Think again and prepare to be amazed of how a short line can increase your sales.

Tweet like a boss

Step seven:

Study how you can create boards which your target audience will pin with pleasure.

Download the book

Hope you feel inspired now to change your whole approach to social media marketing. Drop a line in the comments below and tells how your engagement rate has changed since you gained such useful knowledge.

Peace to ya all! ;)


Alice Lagno

Hey all! I’m Alice, I’m a copywriter who is passionate about all things related to web design. Check out my G+ page

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