Web Design Basics Design Principles Stay Ahead of the Competition - Web Design Tips to Create a Successful e-Commerce Website

Stay Ahead of the Competition - Web Design Tips to Create a Successful e-Commerce Website

E-commerce is an extremely competitive field since your rival is just a click away from you. Whenever a customer doesn't like your site, he wavers off to another e-commerce site which might offer him better products and services. In order to attract more customers and gain more attention, you would have to ensure that your website is user-friendly and customer-friendly too. It wouldn't matter whether you're offering them the lowest prices and the best discounts but as long as they're comfortable using your site; they're there with you forever. Confusing your customers to navigate from one page to another is the biggest mistake committed by a web designer.

Usability clearly implies an easy buying process which is not only effortless but also quick. We compile a list of web design tips that you should follow in order to create high conversion rates on your e-commerce website. Check them out.

Sign-up buttons and call-to-actions

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Don't keep lengthy forms for sign-up as this is the biggest turn-off for consumers. Remember that everyone looks forward something that's fast and quick enough. Hence if you make the mistake of keeping a lengthy sign-up form, you can be rest assured that people won't sign up with you. Being an e-commerce site, what would you do with their phone number, address and what work they do? A simple password and email address would do justice. Don't underestimate the importance of Call-to-Action buttons and they should stand out in the crowd.

Buy without having to register

Something that the online shoppers hate is a tedious process of signing up before finalizing some purchase. How about allowing the guest users to checkout on items without the requirement of registering? You can then ask them later on whether or not they would want to sign up. This method is kept in order to boost sales, enhance chances of customer retention and diminish chances of cart abandonment.

Search box function

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Search box allows the customers to find whatever they want without having to check out everything else that is advertised on the home page. This makes their shopping experience less frustrating and more satisfying. Customers don't have enough time to move from one page to another, go through the description of each product and then find out what they're looking for.

Breadcrumb navigation

While the customers place orders, they should know where exactly they're standing at the process of purchasing. They always love to see how many steps they've already gone through and how many more they have to accomplish. If you incorporate breadcrumb navigation, customers won't ever get bored and they will never again think that shopping procedures take too much time to complete. Shopping card abandonment will also reduce.

E-commerce website designing mistakes you need to avert

Understanding the psychology of the humans is the most important thing when it comes to building an e-commerce site. There are many shopping platforms like Shopify and if you ever go through the review of Shopify, you would get to know what made them so famous and popular among online buyers. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

  • Misrepresentations of product descriptions: Product descriptions can be too vital for the potential customers but often times it is seen that an e-commerce store removes this description. Don't include misrepresentations of the product as this can lead to a negative impression of your site.
  • Not utilizing good quality images: In case you sell goods which are highly dependent on looks, you have to ensure that you use good quality images. In fact visuals are incredibly important and there are numerous evidences to prove how an increased image size improves conversion by a noteworthy amount.
  • No amount of visual hierarchy: A web designer should always understand the importance of visual hierarchy. If the visual hierarchy is not in place, the customers won't be able to navigate since actions won't be recognized easily due to the design of the site. People now understand that all accent colored text can be clicked on and the base text isn't clickable.
  • Site doesn't look credible: When you're already competing with the bigger e-commerce giants, you need to realize something that brand recognition means you wouldn't have to prove people that you're trustworthy. Your website should reflect your willingness and you should track record for delivering things.
  • Hence, when it comes to designing an e-commerce website, testing should always be a continuous process. Always keep discovering unusual things as you can keep enhancing the performance of your website this way. Don't forget to add testimonials that are real enough as they usually increase the worth of your e-commerce website. Don't present any unexplainable costs as that can provoke the customers to abandon the purchase.


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