The 3 Best WordPress Image Gallery Plugins

Everyone who uses WordPress and need to make constant use of images need some plugins that get the work done in the most efficient manner.

In case you don’t which is the most useful, here’s a little list of the best WordPress image gallery plugins.

NextGen Gallery

If you take it by the numbers, it can be said that NextGen Gallery is definitely the most popular WordPress image gallery plugin in the world, given the fact that it continues to receive nearly 2 million new downloads every year, along with incredible overall reviews. Also, another interesting detail about this plugin is the fact that it was developed by Imagely, which is known for being one of the greatest photography group of experts in the industry.

The NextGen Gallery’s free version provides two different gallery styles that include thumbnail galleries and slideshows, in addition to compact and extended album styles, all of which come with a wide variety of options that you can use to control the style, size, transitions, timing, lightbox effects, controls and more, Meanwhile, its premium version add more advanced features including image protection, image deep linking for lightbox galleries and even e-commerce functionality in order to sell images.

Final Tiles Galleries

The beauty that makes Final Tiles Galleries one of the greatest WordPress image gallery plugins is that it uses a unique algorithm that allows you to make your photo galleries more interesting, being the reason why many people around the world currently use it.

The Final Tiles Galleries’ free version can be downloaded from its official repository and it has almost 50,000 active installations as well as 5-star ratings. The algorithm that this plugin offers doesn’t crop images and actually keeps the original size of the picture instead, which allows it to make unique looking galleries. Another element that makes the Final Tiles Galleries such an outstanding plugin is that no matter how big your photos are, the galleries are not only responsive but can also adapt to the browser using a smooth animation on your PC and your smartphone.

Not enough? Then let’s say that you can use this plugin for a range of different purposes, including a design portfolio gallery, wedding gallery and even a product showcase.


What makes Modula one of the best WordPress image gallery plugins is essentially the fact that is probably the most user-friendly of all, while allowing you to quickly create interesting video and photo galleries. In fact, with its range of flexible customization, Modula allows you to tweak your gallery to your liking in the easiest manner you can imagine.

With its custom grid functionality, you can also freely resize images within the gallery’s container. In addition, you can control the images’ heights, widths and even aspect ratio.

What’s even better is that all you need to is just to switch a gallery from “creative gallery” to “custom grid” and then start changing the dimensions of the image by simply clicking and dragging from the bottom right-hand corners in the gallery.

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