The Coolest Web Design Trends to Watch

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The Coolest Trends in Web Design to Watch

Web design is a field that's constantly changing and being updated because it's so dynamic. Every year, new trends in the field pop up, sometimes because someone has an inventive idea that catches fire or because an old need finally gets addressed. In any case, web design is always in flux, which is what makes it so exciting.

So what's going on in web design right now? In general, the coolest trends are always met with great favor in the web design community and symbolize different expectations for the all-important area of user interface. Landing pages are undergoing a rethinking and reworking, as is the seemingly old concept of scrolling! In addition, one-page layouts are getting more popular as well as more personal, while web designers are increasingly experimenting with intro boxes to introduce themselves succinctly to site visitors.

Here are the coolest trends in web design to watch.

Landing Pages That Take the Minimalist Approach

One of the savviest ways of selling your goods and services these days is over the Internet. No one disputes that because you gain instant exposure to a humongous customer base from literally all across the planet. To tap into this vast market, landing pages were devised and then refined.

Creating a highly effective landing page is based on snatching new leads for either your products or services. These days, less really is more, at least in the scope of landing pages. Meet minimalist landing pages that make sure everything stays super - simple, so that the focus is just on the fundamental product or service.

A super-effective landing page that illustrates this minimalist approach to a tee is the webpage of PictoPro. Its business lies in the provision of a splendid resource for affordable icons. Observe how straightforward and easy-to-read its text is. In addition, the check-out procedure is a one-click approach, making it the epitome of minimalism.

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Scrolling Becomes Infinite!

Usually, when you scroll down most web pages, there's a limit to how far you can scroll down - not so with infinite scrolling. While infinite scrolling has existed for a couple of years at least, the reason 2013 is its year is because of a high-profile website that's adopted this handy feature. Have you ever glanced at Pinterest lately?

This social media site has incorporated this loading method for its layout, though you first have to sign into your Pinterest account to see what we mean. Then, search for anything on the site, such as one of the most popular topics of all time: food. Once you see the results screen of various pins and boards on food, you can scroll down literally forever since the webpage constantly keep loading!

Another highly effective example is Google Plus, Google's take on social media. Once you sign up for your very own Google Plus account, you have the opportunity to share links, text, videos, pictures and even "hangouts" with people in your circles or publicly. These shares will show up on your wall stream, and the more you post, the more you or anyone else can just infinitely scroll down the webpage to see your earlier shares.

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The Rise of the One-Page Layout!

Take a look at this fine example of a one-page layout: It comes to us from Zach Klein, DIY's CEO. Note how Zach's purpose is to tell prospective customers and business contacts all about himself - but in the very succinct and terse style of just a few sentences. This is the beauty of the one-page layout.

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You get to eliminate the uncalled-for clutter that's unfortunately so omnipresent on many professionals' and businesses' websites. Note how Zach's one-page layout is ultra-clean and simplistic. You can even call it minimalistic to the bone. Even so, he's still managed to tell prospective customers and business contacts all the important information they need to know to get in touch with him!

See how he's pithily jam-packed details about his business, who he is, what he does and on which social media platforms he can be reached into a single page? In essence, it's almost like a business card took the place of his website...while still staying on the Internet! This type of personalized and less corporate approach will be popular in one-page layouts for the coming future.

Intro Boxes: Introducing Yourself to Site Visitors Very Personably

An intro box is a technique used to introduce yourself to site visitors as soon as they land on your homepage. As such, it can be an extremely savvy replacement for the tired and uncreative "About Me" webpage that many entrepreneurs and professionals seem addicted to.

Here's the purpose of the intro box: It pressures you into condensing your "about you" information into a relatively moderate quantity of space. The pithiness of this will be appreciated by your site visitors, who just want to skip to the good part and know about the professional they may hire.

Check out a fine example of the intro box: It comes to us from Alessandro Cavallo's website. He's a graphic and web designer. Note, though, how his greeting is a simple "Hello." In the near future, owners of sites will come up with flashier greetings, and the intro box itself may even occupy various places on a page, not just sit neatly in the middle!

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Web Design: Ever-Changing and Ever-Exciting

These are just some of the most interesting web-design trends to currently watch. In the near future, there may even be some extra quirks or modifications incorporated into the above trends, so stay tuned! Of course, you can bet on it that new web design trends are always popping up...web design is constantly dynamic, after all.

What's cool one year will most definitely not be as cool the next year. Conversely, a concept that not many people had heard of can just strike out of the blue - as it did in 2010 when Ethan Marcotte literally coined the term "responsive design" - and still have an impact years later. Today, responsive design is still being included in people's cool web-design trends, more than 3 years after it was brought to a wider audience's attention.

What about you? Do you agree with the web design trends to watch featured on this list, or do you have your own thoughts as to what's cool and what isn't for the present and future? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section and tell us what you think are some we - design trends to watch!

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