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The Effectiveness of Infographics in Content Marketing

Fawad.Malik Web Promotion Apr 25, 2017

Infographics or Information Graphics can be referred to as the visual representation of any information that you want to put across to your target audience. The informative data that you want to convey to your visitors is represented in form of a flowchart or diagrams that will help you to connect with your audience better.

Why are infographics a better way to connect with your readers?

One of the main reasons why it is effective is due to the fact that as compared to text based information, graphical representation of the same is a better "eye catcher". In other words, it increases visibility. Since the data that you feed is presented in a clear and unique manner, it is better conveyed. Infographics have always been a great way to present what you want to say to your audience but these days, it has gained even more prominence. Few reasons why it is effective can be summarized as under.

  • As it is known that the human mind is able to register any information much better if it is represented in visual form, the type of content that you represent is better assimilated by human brain.
  • With the help of infographics, you can represent statistical graphics, information architecture, data representation, and visualization.
  • It is an ideal tool wherein you can help your audience to compare more than two entities pertaining to products and services or information as a whole.
  • Most importantly, the information that you want to represent can be customized depending on the need of the hour. For instance, if you are planning to represent statistical data, you can do so in the appropriate manner and also text based information can be worked out accordingly. The information appears as if it is in a natural sentence.

How will infographics benefit your business?

It won’t be wrong to say that this mode of visual representation of your products and services has time again proved to be beneficial for businesses, whether it is small sized, medium sized, or a well established brand. With the help of this time proved representation tool, users are in a better position to compare and organize their thoughts about the types of services and products they make use of. If readers are in a better position to compare, there are better chances of selecting services that will benefit them in the true sense. Also, they are saved a lot of time and energy in deciding about the services they intend to avail.

Designing an infographic presentation

Make sure when you hire the services of a service provider that will design the infographic for you, you are able to convey your requirements. Roughly speaking, the infographic designing process will include the following steps.

  • The designing company will sit and discuss with you about your products and services that you want to highlight.
  • The type of graphical representation you desire is planned. It could range from online presence of your brand, your social media engagement, geographical reach of your services, and so on.
  • The interpretation of data is vital and is carefully analyzed. Also important is understanding the behavior of consumers
  • Visualizing the data is the next step and deciding as to how it is to be represented
  • The last and perhaps the most crucial step is to decide how you will market the infographic information.

What it takes to make unique infographic content?

In order that the infographic content that you are posting on the web is unique and attractive, you must follow these basic principles for optimum results. Check them out.


Your primary objective of working out this information graphic is to engage your audience so that they have the urge to come back to your website again. Essentially, the visual representation has to be simple, easy to understand, uncomplicated, and one that can be talked about as an example for other information graphic creators.

Avoid cluttering

Here, you need to follow the principle of "less is more". It has been observed that if you can manage to restrict your text based information to the least, the impact is better. This is because the receptive power of readers is enhanced if they see something that is colorful, bold, easy, and interesting. Remember, throughout the day they are constantly seeing text based stuff, which oftentimes makes the information quite uninteresting or unattractive. So, it is best to avoid clutter and make the information graphic as much as "graphic" as possible and less text based.

Make infographics that can be shared

Keep in mind the more your information graphic will circulate, the more will be the visibility of the content that you have posted online. As such, it is of utmost importance to keep provision so that the same can be shared and forwarded as liked by your readers.

In this regard, links will undoubtedly play an important role. Links that you include should specifically highlight the reason why you want to share it and focusing mainly on usefulness of the information that has been graphically represented. Last but not the least, the individual that is creating the information graphics should have clarity of thought and should essentially understand the motive behind creating the same.


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