Web Design Basics Design Principles The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Web Designing - A Retrospective Glance

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Web Designing - A Retrospective Glance

The World Wide Web has indeed come a long way since its inception and web designing has changed dramatically all along the way. Can you believe that the first website that was published is now already 20 years old? Web design has come a long way as the world's first website was published in the year 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. Web designers have tried their best to cope up with the changes so that they could design websites in accordance to the relevant trends of the time.

A lot of events have taken place throughout the last few years and you need to ensure that the website is perfect with the rules and regulations of the time. Times have changed throughout the world as there have been constant advancements in technology which is very natural. All those websites which were simple once upon a time in terms of appearance have all become complex as per the viewpoint of coding by new integrations and programs which affect the landscape of web designing. If you wish to take a retrospective glance at the past few years of web designing and how it changed till the present time, here are some points which you'll feel interested to know.

More aesthetic headers due to increasing web fonts which are now available

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A decade back, there were standard fonts like Arial and Times New Roman which were seen almost in every website with little or no variation. But as time has changed, nowadays web designers may get thousands of fonts that are easily accessible with more and more fonts being produced in a day. There are new fonts which have given way to an avenue for opportunities and creativity. They have enhanced the tools which designers utilize for making their sites stand out in the crowd. Though it is not proper to use fonts which are not legible in an easy manner, yet it doesn't limit you to using only the standard fonts.

HTML has now become HTML5

Previously, there wasn't enough structure in terms of the process in which websites used to be designed and this led to various types of issues in the aesthetics of web designing. Since, then the advanced features like HTML5 was started being restructured and there was a change in the way in which websites were created thereby making the more engaging and user-friendly with regards to web design standards.

Integration with the social media has increased like never before

Social media has taken off in the last decade. In the initial part of 2000s, there were just a few names in the social networking sites and the advancement of social media integration within web development didn't actually start off until there were sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which became extremely popular. More so with the release of Kindle and iPhone, there is now a new way of presenting web designs in the public. Hence social media integration has become all the more important.

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GIF images are now replaced by EPS and PNG images

Loading time of web pages is important and due to loading times, huge sized HD images are recently being used as the primary source of images. At the initial stage of this decade, there was a staggering change to PNG images and now the pre-dominance is all about using GIFs. Now that PNG images are being used, they allow a broad range for adding images but there has been still a high level of pixels on images while they're viewed at various resolutions. On the other hand, EPS images are entirely made on vector imaging and hence there's no distortion. GIF formats are also coming back in form of animations in the years to come.

MySpace is gone and Facebook has been an important part of branding

It is not that there is no existence of MySpace as it is still there and it's running but its use in social media has become extinct. Facebook has continuously kept up with the various trends and technologies which especially tailored to both the social media clients and the business world. The website played the role of a social bridge amidst the private and corporate world.

Style Sheets have now become extremely popular

CSS has gained enough popularity since the last decade. The reasons behind the increase are probably due to the rise in interaction among users and the easy usage which is wanted by web users. Although there are different scripts which are available in the market, CSS sheets claim to be the most important ones.

Therefore, if you wish to see proofs of the changes that were brought about in the world of web designing, you can check out websites that are old and set them in contrast to websites which are new like Leovegas and Huffingtonpost.


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