The Impact of Eye-Catching Visuals on a Customer

Working in the field of marketing will eventually require you to understand how images and qualitative designs work to gain the attention of potential customers. Yet, learning about what composition and visuals mean by reading a few articles won’t change the way you are perceiving this topic. As a marketer, you might have to be able to juggle between what marketing actually means and what the small details are when it comes to combining visual designs so a potential client will be convinced to use the services you promote. Well, if you don’t feel comfortable with choosing website designs by yourself while being a non-designer, you can always opt for one of the available Joomla templates. A website template already created by someone who knows a lot about visually appealing marketing seems like the best option when you are not a specialist in the field. Yet, you can learn more about visuals and their role into selling a product or a service by reading this article.


The Impact of Eye-Catching Visuals on a Customer 1

There are several rules related to composition that a designer must follow when composing a website template. Of course, because there are so many templates available out there, as a marketer you should know these rules yourself in order to choose a template properly. Eye-catching visuals are as important to a website as the content existent there. A potential client would never choose a website which looks unprofessional or too complicated to use. Here are the rules of website compositions that a template should follow:

The focal point

Focusing on one single object is the key when you want to sell. Finding a template which allows you to set up which is the thing you want the visitors to focus their attention on is paramount. You also need to try keeping in mind the fact that communication is the key in any field and in marketing in general. Telling something with the help of your website should be the goal of it, besides good looks. The strongest element on the website should be your focal point. For instance, when you want to emphasize an offer you are making you should find a template which grants you the possibility to place this offer on the main page, quite central.

Directing the eye

You should also take into account the fact that you want your potential clients to see what you want them to see. In order to achieve this, which seems impossible at first, you need to learn how design can direct the eye to a certain something. Leading lines are a great way to make a customer look at an option you desire to be accessed more often. Look for templates that are structurally built this way and you will be able to choose the direction of the customer’s experience on the website. Choose where the eye of the clients goes after seeing the focal point mentioned above.

Scaling correctly

The Impact of Eye-Catching Visuals on a Customer 2

A website should also be correctly scaled in order to attract eyes. You don’t want some elements bigger than others, unless they are meant to be that way. Choosing a template that properly arranges the elements of a website design considering their visually signaling importance is one of the steps you need to make sure you take. As a marketer, you will want to promote certain things more than others and setting up a hierarchy and handling scaling, respectively, is the key to achieving that.

White space

Keeping a website clean and simple is what attracts clients that are not familiarized with complex platforms. Plus, the usage of strategically placed white space is not an uncommon method in composition making. Many templates are tracing the minimal style, so keep an eye on those when choosing the one for your website. Trying to fill in the main page of a website just because it looks empty is a beginner’s mistake and you should definitely avoid templates that seem overcrowded.

Boosting contrast

There are two main styles you can opt for: either a faded contrast, either a boosted one. The recommendation of great website designers is the latter one. Boosting the contrast attracts eyes. Seeing color definition and catchy formats will make clients want to discover other details available on the platform. Search for a template that uses various, contrasting color schemes.

Repeating elements

Even though it might sound like a cliché, repeating elements is a method used by graphic designer really often. Simply following the same pattern over and over again, without exaggerating, can be extremely visually appealing for the human eye. The goal of a website design is to make the visitor feel good and comfortable while browsing it and element repeating is one of the ways to reach that point.


You should know that a website template that is properly divided into sections attracts more visitors that a usual one and this is a proven fact. If you are looking for a template that will help you emphasizes whatever item you need for a marketing campaign, then a sectioned one is the best option. Try searching for the rule of thirds, which can give you a full image on how the items should be positioned. This rule means that the website’s focal point should be intersected with two other smaller ones, aligned.

The Impact of Eye-Catching Visuals on a Customer 3

Final thoughts on visuals

Visual content marketing became a very important part of the entire strategy lately. In an era of technology, people tend to be on the rush at all times. Without a design that quickly catches attention, the chances of obtaining customers through the help of visuals drops tremendously. One should be aware that, even though the quality of the products or services offered is impeccable, if a company owns a better-looking website or knows how to promote their products in a more efficient manner, this company will win the fight. Even though this is not fair, given the fact that the product or service is the one that matters instead of the way it is presented, it is today’s reality and you need to adapt.

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