The Paramount Importance of Being 'Responsive'

The CEO of Springbox argues that responsive design is the best way for the retailers to serve their mobile audience. Recently, Google incorporated 'mobile-friendliness' of a website within its ranking algorithm since 21st April, 2015. This already had a noteworthy impact on the present ranking of content and this trend represents a breakthrough for the superfast and surging mobile user community. If you're interested in knowing why Google implemented this decision and how you can assess your site if it's ready, read on the concerns of this article.

Google's Relentless Focus on Search User as a Priority is Praiseworthy

Have you ever wondered what made Google such a successful and renowned company? Well, their relentless focus on search user and keeping it as their top priority is indeed praiseworthy. They believe that if you focus on the user, the rest will follow. Each and every sign point clear to the fact that more and more users are going mobile and that mobile traffic has high purchase intent. As per data revealed by ComScore, tablets and smartphones account for 70% of all digital time spent within the US.

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Now that you know the necessity of having a responsive website, you might be wondering how you would know if your site is ready! Presently, Google is leveraging a pass/fail strategy to help you determine whether or not your website is mobile-friendly. Eventually, this particular test will also allow you to assess the quality of your website's mobile execution through different platforms. Hence in future, the companies that are interested about knowing how their site is rendering, you can use the different testing tools available online.

Responsive designing â?? The Reason Behind the Buzz

Responsive designing is a web development approach which dynamically renders a site to fit a particular device in which it is rendered. Flexible layouts and design grids are used to present the appropriate image size and content along with perfect orientation for each device. Any website can become responsive, from brand sites to e-commerce, from education to non-profit sites. Although mobile apps and m-dot websites have been an effective solution to serving mobile sites to the online audience, they won't offer a sustainable solution. Instead, a responsive approach to web designing is a singular experience, which can be updated in a single location and provide consistency of brand across all devices.

Responsive Designing â?? What is the ROI?

Your brand's primary interaction platform is your website and hence every single detail of your website matters. With every click and interaction, users are developing their impression of your brand. There have been many brands who say that they wish to design a site for iPhone but little do they know that Apple holds less than 14% share of the global smartphone market. While it is considered as a complex platform, Android devices represent a share of over 80%. While this sounds simple, designers start realizing that there are 19,786 Android devices, which are up from 11,897 devices in 2014. Well-built responsive websites usually pay attention to all the variants of operating systems and devices to offer users with the best experience.

How do Your Company E-mails Appear When People View Them on Smartphones?

Being a designer, you might not have considered this ever before. If you're someone who hasn't been focusing on responsive designing, there's a fair chance that your logo will take up more space than the entire screen when a person views the mail. Are you of the opinion that your prospective customers will take enough time to make the mail fit into their mobile screen? If answered yes, consider thinking again. They will definitely bounce!

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There are specific tips that you may take into account while designing your marketing mails. The most vital considerations are text sizes and the image sizes and also the entire mail's width. You can use certain email design tools like Emma or MailChimp which can assist you to create emails which are readable on all devices. This is a viable option for the developers who are pretty design-savvy.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Are you aware of the fact that Dominoz Pizza has captivated the entire world with text and Twitter emoji function for ordering pizza which they've brought new? While this is not perfect, this is actually the progress of mobile marketing. When you open up different channels for your customers to reach out to you, you also display those channels so as to reach out to your target audience.

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For creating such omni-channel marketing, apps for mobiles also come to our consideration. Starbucks made this compulsory for their regular customers. Hence, these are some of the ways in which you can boost interaction with your customers and clients in order to get best return on investment.

Therefore, if you're serious about your digital presence, you must have realized by now how importance it is to focus on responsive web design. Take into account the statistics and facts mentioned above on responsive designing and take immediate action on implementing them to your company website.

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