The Powerful Benefits of Adding a Blog to Your Drupal Website Development Project

If you have a website, you already know that a blog can be a powerful tool for SEO purposes. Many think only of WordPress when they consider an Open Source blogging platform. Commercial Progression specializes in Drupal website development and we often incorporate a custom Drupal blog directly into our client projects. Blogging is a great way to explain your key selling points in depth, and to refresh all of your marketing messages. But those are only the superficial reasons for adding a blog to your Drupal website development project. Here are benefits of a blog that you might never have considered before.

Blogs Establish Your Corporate Leaders as Industry Experts

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If you publish a regular blog under the bylines of your top executives, it will give them a name, face, and personality. People are more likely to trust and do business with someone they feel like they've gotten to know through a blog.

When you post blogs with the bylines of your CEO, CFO, CIO, and other leaders, it establishes them as go-to industry experts. It's a very easy, manageable way to get them some visibility in the industry, especially in front of potentially important clients and partners. People will feel like they're getting to know them personally, which is far more valuable than spreading their stock photos on ads. Naturally, linking the blogs posted under their bylines to their social media profiles adds a secondary punch. Link to their LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media feeds for even more (free and very easily received) publicity.

Blogs are Powerful Networking Tools Within the Industry

Great blogs become the de facto industry publications. While printed magazines and journals are still a thing in some industries (like medicine and science), most other industries (tech, business, finance, retail, marketing, etc.) are gradually moving to online info and away from the standard industry rags. This means that a blog establishes your business as the go-to place for news, information, insights, and opinions in your field. It's a strong tool for industry networking.

Blogs Can be Potent Recruitment Tools Right Inside Your Drupal Website

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Want to lure the top talent your industry has to offer? A blog can make you look like a good choice to job seekers, not just your customers and partners.

Potential customers and partners aren't the only ones you can reach with a great blog. You can also garner the attention of the industry's best job candidates. When you are well established as an expert in the industry and you're well networked with solid partnerships across the field, your blog also becomes a powerful recruitment tool. All the best talent will be looking for a position with your company.

Regular Blogging Keeps You at the Top of Search Engine Rankings

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Even without X number of keywords and all of the ins-and-outs that come with SEO these days, search engines algorithms are programmed to look for the most recent and newsworthy content. If your blog is well written, contains valuable and useful information, and is well received on social media, it will also serve to keep your rankings high. Fresh content always ranks better than the old stuff, and it sure beats rewriting your website content every few months.

Drupal is a powerful web design and development platform, but it can take programming expertise to build a blog that performs well for your business or organization. Don't start your Drupal website design project without the help you need to do it right!

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