Web Design Basics Design Principles The Secret of Designing a Casino Website With Solid User Experience – Few Expert Tips

The Secret of Designing a Casino Website With Solid User Experience – Few Expert Tips

Designing an attractive interface for your casino website is crucial for assisting users reach their goals and generate action towards obtaining their business goals. However before you create an interesting and useful interface for your website, you need to do a bit of research. How would you lure users to that extent that they feel like home? Checking out casino websites is one of the best ways in which you can get to learn new things on this industry. The ultimate goal of a casino website is to help the visitors reach their objectives and take action towards reaching their objectives.

We all know that UX or user experience is an iterative and trial and error process but there is a certain science behind it. Page analysis (clickstreams, hits and bounce rate), heuristics and multivariate testing form a portion of the methodology. So, let’s check out the different user interface designing tips that you can implement while designing your casino website.

#1: Begin with few options

When any visitor visits your website, you should offer them only the main options. At the very beginning, if you give them too many options, they might get confused and this can later on lead to decision paralysis. Wikipedia says that the ultimate goal of any user interface is to permit efficient operation and control of the machine while the machine concurrently feeds back information which helps in the decision-making procedure of the operators. So, an attractive yet easy interface from the beginning is the best that you can offer. You may check out to know more on this.

#2: Understand the study of color

The second thing that you can do is to comprehend the study of colors and its impact on users. Colors emote different things, while some indicate power, some indicate trust and playfulness. Ideally, colors have a drastic impact on the website’s rate of conversion. In the user’s mind, every color has a different meaning. For instance, green is a color which depicts growth and balance, orange depicts optimism and social communication and blue is the color of peace and trust. This is why Facebook chose the color blue. So, when you design your casino website, make sure you know which color to choose.

#3: Add pictures of real people

You visit any casino website and you will definitely find a picture of a person who is happy and who has won a huge fortune. When owners of e-commerce websites associate their websites with photos of real people, this generates trust and reliability. You can test this if you doubt its credibility. Create a landing with the photo of a real person and another one without such a photo. You’ll soon find people reacting. So, it has been proved that adding photos of real people leaves a positive impact on trustworthiness of the visitor. Moreover, photos of real people also bond them emotionally.

#4: Focus on the appropriate placement of CTAs

If you don’t know what a call to action, you should know that it is a word or a group of words added to a website to drum up an action from the side of the user. When a user visits your website, you will definitely make him either sign up with your site or purchase things or subscribe. CTAs should be clickable buttons and they should be of the right color to lure attention. Designing CTA buttons within the web interfaces will need enough planning and thought. Experts suggest you to pay attention to the main goal and try to include that in your CTA.

#5: The copy of the website must be scannable

Within a few second of entering your website, the users should be able to watch out for the services and products offered by you. Don’t make sudden or big changes to your website as this scare and confuse your customers. Retain the ultimate look and feel of your website as this is the key element of your website. That’s something you shouldn’t play with.

#6: You have to make a big investment

When you want to design a website, you have to make an investment. When you start off with a new casino website, you will have to arrange for free money as majority of the casino websites offer the same. You must have come across ads like “Sign up to get $100 Free!” or “Up to $300 Bonus!” This pushes you towards signing up with the respective website to get that cash. Try to determine your affordability so that you know what you can provide to your users. Invest some initial funds to make more money in the long run.

Therefore, if you’re all set to design an online casino website, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips to improve your site’s user experience and conversion rates.


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