The Top Social Media Tools For Your WordPress Store

As a WordPress store owner, being competitive online can be tough. This not only involves a key eye for digital marketing but social media as well, and with so many other stores doing something similar, keeping up with the rest can be a difficult position. However, don’t stress if you find yourself in the same boat, as we’ve provided a few of the top tools to consider so your WordPress store can be at the top of its social game. Check them out below:

Magic Social

A big part of having a successful WordPress store is also having a great social presence as well on Instagram. Not only is this in the number of followers but the quality of your base, which is much harder to capture than you might imagine. For example, as noted by AdEspresso, 31 percent of Instagram users make over $70,000 per year. If your store were able to get more of those people engaging with your account, you would have a higher likelihood of completing sales. Using a service like Magic Social can help you build that foundation.

Rather than just buying followers to make your account look popular, Magic Social has real people engaging with your page in a genuine way. Not only does this help when new potential followers come to visit and see that you have quality engagement but also in giving your account the foundation it needs to grow. Additionally, this can also help generate demand as well, because if you have real accounts saying that they’re interested in buying something, then other people might be trying to beat them to the punch. Yes, Magic Social is the perfect tool for taking your Instagram account to the next level and is worth exploring if you want your store to start generating more revenue.


As much as it’s important to create demand from your social accounts to your WordPress store, it’s also imperative to give people a call-to-action or command to get them there. After all, one of the worst things as a store is having someone be interested in something, only to give up on buying it because they couldn’t find it on your website or got distracted before they could even look it up. This is a big reason why call-to-actions have practically become the norm in social media; in fact, according to data presented by Protocol80, adding a call-to-action to Facebook posts in a study increased sales by 285 percent alone. That’s a pretty substantial figure, and if you’re looking to have a similar result with your WordPress page, then adding LinkInBio to your Instagram will be crucial.

LinkInBio helps provide a grid-format that mirrors your Instagram page exactly, giving you a single link to use for your bio instead of constantly having to change them out. While you might be thinking that your Instagram stories can be effective in creating a call-to-action, LinkInBio helps with those items that are high-value, as well as your customers might be on the fence about. This creates a lot easier of a path for people to check out your products and is overall a tool that makes selling via Instagram much, much more straightforward and simple.


Although you might be thinking that the shots taken on your phone are fine, taking on editing them professionally is something that will not only help with making your items look better but also keeping a sense of consistency in your audience’s feed as well. According to LucidPress, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, which while you might not be able to land something iconic as “Coca-Cola red,” you need to create a consistent aesthetic for your page. And if this is something you’ve been lagging on, then checking software like PhotoShop is a huge help.

As the flagship photo editing software, PhotoShop is a pretty intuitive platform to help you create clean, crisp images for your social feeds. While many of us are familiar with the desktop version, the mobile app can do wonders on the go, which is especially helpful if maintaining your store requires a lot of travel. Although you might need to brush up a little bit on the inner workings, hopping on and getting started creating your own custom set of filters and edits will be huge in having a consistent image for your social.


Finally, while it’s important to look at the inner details of your social feeds and how to improve them, it’s also key to have a bird’s eye view on everything. As you’re going to need not only to manage all your accounts in one place but also ensure that you’re taking data to improve, finding the right tool to do all of that is imperative. However, that’s why Hootsuite is one of the premier social media management tools out there.

With Hootsuite, you can not only manage all your accounts in one place but also work on messaging, targeting, response times for DMs, and the list could go on and on. This can be especially useful if you’re looking to target specific customer segments for your WordPress store; for example, as noted by Dream Grow, 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35, which Hootsuite can help you not only target but get feedback on. With an assortment of learning courses and training, Hootsuite can guide you in getting acclimated both for their product as well as with social media management in general. Plus, with scheduling options, targeted goals, and a wide variety of other tools, this is more than the complete package to be at the driver’s seat of your account.

What are some social media tools you’ve used to boost sales for your WordPress store? Comment with your insights below!

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