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The Ultimate Outline for Creating a Successful Blog

You have heard lots of stories about people who started blogs as hobbies and ended up quitting their day jobs to work on them full time. So now you're excited and want to turn your blog into a winner. How do you do it? How do you make that happen?

Before you read through the really important information below, the most important aspect of your blogging is to understand how money is made from blogs like the one you will create. This means understanding how to connect with advertising in order to get paid. And of course the 800 pound gorilla in this area is Google, and their advertising placement service Adsense. Adsense is a great service for bloggers because it connects popular blogs to advertisers. But there are many Adsense alternatives, that may fit your needs better, depending on the type of blog you create. So do your research. In the meantime, here is how to create that popular blog:

There are many different types of successful blog styles. Examine these styles and make sure your blog falls under one of the headings:

Personal that offer your thoughts and ideas on different topics. These also include DIY blogs. They are primarily for your and others opinions.

Topic have a specific niche or topic they focus on with their posts. Popular topics are celebrities, fashion, cars, sports, politics, and lifestyle.

Media These blogs contain compelling media content. This content may be created by the blogger or merely curated under different topic headings. Content can include stories, videos and even photos.

Successful Types of Posts You Need n Your Blog

To create a successful blog it is important to pick a topic that has a following. It is just as important to understand the type of content that will attract people. The most popular type of content on blogs fits into these categories:

1. Controversy

The Internet never gets tired of a good story about someone's bad fortune, so if you focus on these types of posts, you have a good chance to attract followers. The saucier the better these days, with very little being off limits. Be aware however that there is a line between making a comment that is opinion, and defaming someone, which could cause legal issues for you. So fact check your posts and have those facts available if needed. These types of blog posts are designed to draw lots of debate and feedback, and can get readers coming back all the time. And if you are successful, you should also have a pretty thick skin and be prepared to respond to lots of heated comments.

2. Best Of and Lists

People love posts that talk about the top entries of a certain subject. These might be best songs of the day, or best tapas restaurants in cities that begin with C. You can also create a panel of experts who deliver these Best Of lists to give them more validity. These types of blogs when done well in popular topics, create good traffic and lots of social sharing. The best offer lots of different points of view in a single post and give viewers insight they might not have considered.

3. Tutorials

Teaching people how to do things are subjects that blogs excel at. Most people use the internet to learn new things, and develop new skills. So there are always searches for tutorials that can help them. The focus should be on your becoming an expert on your chosen topic and provide detailed information about that subject. From this position you are authorized to supply professional advice. The more comprehensive and detailed your post is, the more readers will continue to use you as a resource for learning. So you posts should be detailed and include graphics and even videos explaining the exact way to get something done.

4. Comprehensive

Content that goes very in-depth on a particular topic can be very compelling for many. These posts need to read like chapters of books and cover only one topic in great depth. After reading your post, the readers should feel confident about their knowledge on that particular topic. These posts may also take the form of detailed case studies and real life success stories and are also great at leading readers to a particular product or service, you may want to introduce.

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