Web Design Basics Design Principles These Design Features Will Set Your Website Apart

These Design Features Will Set Your Website Apart

It's time to have your website redesigned to incorporate all of the new trends. You have spent many months making your current site SEO friendly and you are clear on how to incorporate these strategies into your new website, but you need to create a new look and feel. With so many hot trends happening in website design, which ones really make a difference. And in terms of your own site (that is working pretty well), what should you have your web designer change and what should you keep? Here are the things you need to do and how you should direct your web designer:

Make it Even More SEO Friendly

The main focus for your website is as a marketing tool for your business and its projects and services. But to present them you have to get people here. This is why SEO is so important. So you need to make sure that your web design company understands the latest SEO trends and how to incorporate them into your overall design. If they do not take this as the primary approach to your new website look for another company. When you think of places to search for companies who have mastered these strategies for web design Greenville SC hardly comes to mind. But companies like Big Foot Media, are based here, and they have mastered SEO friendly web design.

One Page Websites are the Future


Tomorrow's websites will all be full width, full screen, and one page. These sites provide all of your important information to visitors immediately and put right out front your company's products and services. It also adds a simplicity for navigation that makes your website much more appealing.

Content Rules

Content continues to hold a top slot of important website elements. Having a cool looking website is nice, but no longer enough to guarantee success. What visitors want is substance, in the way of compelling and meaningful content. Visitors are looking to be informed and educated, not sold. And website content is only compelling when it helps visitors solve their problems. So, think through exactly what questions they will be asking and then go about answering those questions. Make sure you allow content to be the star of the show, with a design built around highlighting your content in an appealing way.

Bring on the Animations, Motion and Videos

Animation, motion, and videos in web design is proving to be the biggest thing in recent years. Everywhere you look, there is some hint of movement, or actual movement in the form of a video or animated element. The simple reason why is that they make your site much more interactive and entertaining. The trend has evolved on websites in a new way, with animated flat icons and loading videos into pages at specific times, it' a great new way to enhance the websites storytelling and hold visitor's interest.

Keep it to a Minimum

The hot trend for websites in 2017 all revolve around a minimalist approach to design and content on your website. This trend is developing over time becoming a powerful design strategy. The goal should be to create a simple website that delivers a direct message using lots of space, colors, and dramatic typography.

Use Bright, Striking Colors and Bold Fonts


Minimalism and simplicity shouldn't come at the price of your website's character though, since displays on desktop monitors and smartphones are now more than capable in displaying the full visible color spectrum. You need to feature big, bold fonts and dynamic colors. Use super-strong, yet modest, graphics, and splashes of bright and bold color to grab attention and get your content noticed quickly. Similarly, the best websites use elements that make their key messaging impossible to miss. They do this by increasing the font size of central messaging. This effect focuses visitor's eyes where you want them: on your company's important details.

There is a tendency to focus on the latest trends for your websites and it is important to keep your website looking current. But, when you engage a developer to design your next website focus on SEO strategies, usability and visitor preferences and you can't go wrong.

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