Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Social Media

Social media is dominating the online world as we know it. In 2018, social media has become more of a way of life than a sharing platform. If you want to run a successful website in this cyber age, you need to know how to use social media to your advantage. A lot of website designs incorporate some social media optimization in their strategy. This is a good move because it ensures you’re not only finding the right audience but also reaching further. Here are tips for optimizing your website for social media in 2018.

Social Sharing

The first and most obvious step in optimizing your website for social media is to include easy social sharing. If you’re using a content management platform like WordPress, you can easily find plugins that do the hard work for you. Social sharing buttons or links throughout your website make it easy for users to share your content across the web. While having more social media shares or “likes” doesn’t affect your SEO ranking, it will bring more traffic to your page which in turn boosts your ranking. Social sharing buttons can be as simple or elaborate as you wish! Great plugins for social sharing are Social Warfare and Sumo Share.

Mobile Optimization

More and more internet users are accessing the web from their smartphones. If your website isn’t optimized for all devices, you’re losing a lot of potential viewers. Luckily, most web design templates or themes today are already optimized for mobile viewing. Review your website on different devices including tablet screens, desktops, and smartphones to make sure everything is easy to navigate no matter the size of the screen. Need help optimizing your website? Click here to get a redesign of your website that works best for you.

Shareable Content

If you don’t have great content, nobody will want to share it. Make sure you optimize all of your posts, pages, and media to be easily shareable on social media. That means keeping blog posts informative and entertaining and making sure they’re easy to read. Nobody wants to read through a large block of text! Use subheadings and images to break up large posts and make sure you’re actually providing real value to your readers. If your website is full of informative, valuable content, it’ll spread easily across social media!

Be Active on Social Media

If you want to see your website on social media, you need to be on social media. Create accounts for your website that are easy to find! Encourage users to follow you on social media and use your account as a way to interact with your audience. The more you interact, the more people will want to share your pages and posts. Make sure your page is easy to tag and link, and be creative about how you form a community. You can create unique hashtags or even host contests through social media to really build relationships with your audience! The more active you are on social media, the more likely people will want to visit your website. In this day and age, it’s not possible to ignore the power of social media! In addition, you can use services such as https://socialboss.org/ that provides you more followers and that means a lot of views of the website.


Social media can be a powerful tool for the right website builder. Not only should you have dedicated accounts for your website on social media, but you need to ensure your website is properly optimized for social media. Creating a website build for social sharing is an easy way to get free traffic while connecting with your ideal audience! Reach more people faster with the right optimized website design!

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