Tips to Boost Instagram Presence for Your Online Business

Believe or not, use of appealing images and videos can be a great initiative for your online business not only to boost its presence but to make it visible to a totally new and fertile audience via Instagram.

In this era of digital technology, having a business profile on Instagram can help you reach a new market and audience that will not only improve overall presence of your business on internet but will also enhance its bottom line.

For beginners, determining how to use Instagram for business sounds like an overwhelming task to carry out but grabbing attention of more Instagram followers and converting them into valuable customers is possibly easier than ever before.

Here in this article, I have listed proven Instagram for business tips that will definitely help to boost Instagram presence for your online business to get more customers.

Fine-Tune Your Profile on Instagram for Business

In order to maintain professionalism while marketing your business on Instagram, you should sign up for ‘Instagram Business Account’ and fill it out properly with appropriate business details and information. You cannot get much on Instagram without filling out your business profile and here is how you can do it conveniently;

  • Profile Photo

It would be face of your business on Instagram and it is best to use company logo as Instagram profile photo in order to make it easily identifiable for your existing and potential users.

  • Account Name

Fill up the account name field with a name identical to your business name on website and other social media profiles.

  • Username

It should also be your business name (without spaces) and would be used to login to your account.

  • Website

It is the place where you will need to add your business website’s link to direct your users towards website for further details and information. If you don’t have a business website, you can add link of another promotional page like Facebook or Twitter.

  • Bio

Most important part of an Instagram business account as it will help you capture attention of the users. Here you can provide brief details about your business like its vision and mission etc.

Be Choosy with your Content

As it is your business profile on Instagram, you should avoid posting anything to your account but post content that provides useful details and information about your business, products or services you offer.

You must have a steady, visual approach at places a key element to optimum success.

If you have something great to share with your audience but is not appropriate for your online business, never post it on your Instagram business account but save it for a personal once.

Add Appealing Videos

Adding tempting videos would be a great option for you to enhance user engagement and retention rate for your Instagram business account. Loads of free video editing software programs are available on the web that can be used to create personalized and appealing videos to grab attention of users and to keep them visiting your business profile on Instagram for more updates.

Spy your Competitors

Study your competitors on Instagram to check what they are doing to attract users and what you need to do in order to get more. Check how they interact with their users, what type of content they are sharing and what their audience love to see. After that, use such insights to create a better plan to boost Instagram presence for your online business.

Create a Flexible Posting Plan

There is no need to post content on your Instagram business profile in order to be more effective but create a flexible and consistent posting plan to keep your users entertained without saturating their feeds. Instead of posting erratically, build a posting plan and stick with that or use Instagram post scheduling solutions to get them published according to your posting plan. Get new content ready for publishing regularly but find a right time to post in order to get maximum user reach and engagement.

Use Instagram Stories

According to experts, 33% of most viewed Instagram stories are created by the brands and business and you can get more users and customers for your online business by participating in Instagram stories. In fact, stories can help you build strong connections with your business or brand to keep them engaged. In your story, you can organize competitions, surveys and many more grab the attentions of more users in your industry.

Make Use Appropriate Hashtags

Use of the right and most relevant hashtags can help you get more from your Instagram marketing efforts. Experts suggest putting 3 to 6 strong and trending hashtags to get your content in front of a wider audience. However, you need to make sure that hashtags you are using in your posts are appropriate for your content and are relevant to your niche or industry. You can also use trending (but meaningful) hashtags in your Instagram posts to promote your online business more effectively.

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