Web Design Basics Design Principles Tips To Designing a Website You Are Trying To Turn Into a Career

Tips To Designing a Website You Are Trying To Turn Into a Career

More and more people are starting websites and blogs that make them income on a daily basis. The freedom that turning a blog into a career offers is quite appealing to a lot of people. There are plenty of things to think about before you start designing your website and even more things to think about when you begin. Even if you are working with a designer you should do your proper research on best practices instead of going completely with your vision. The following are steps you should take along with tips to create a blog and design the website you are going to turn into a career.

Before You Start Designing

Take some time to think about what niche you are going to be targeting with your website. A free for all blog that meanders around different topics will find it difficult to find any consistent readers. Building up written content for your future blog is important as leaving the blog blank after the first few posts is the easiest way to make visitors think the blog isn't being updated anymore.

Find other successful websites and blogs in your niche and while you shouldn't copy their layouts, they should be a good template to work off of. The sites with huge amounts of traffic lay their sites out to maximize visitor time on the site in hopes of them clicking ads.

The name of your site should be catchy and your domain name should be clear. Finding a brandable domain name shouldn't be very difficult as an abbreviation or scrambles of letters do not lend themselves to being talked about among readers.

If Selling Anything Make Checkout Simple yet Secure

There is a chance that you are selling homemade products or are a vendor for a specific product. The checkout process should be as simple as possible without sacrificing any security measures. Nothing is worse than a confusing checkout process which leads a person ready to buy a product to click off of the site and look for an easier option. Amazon has made it easier than ever to buy products off of a mobile device quite easily. This helps cut down on the buyer's remorse that many people have before they even complete checkout.

Keep The Layout Simple For Mobile

A large portion of traffic might come from different mobile devices. Optimizing the site for mobile devices is wise as not doing so can alienate an entire demographic. Nobody wants to be pinching their screen repeatedly just to see all of the content on one page. In the mobile version of the site make sure that you keep it very simple.

Complicated layouts while they might seem simple to the web developer and tech savvy visitors can frustrate other visitors with less of a technical background.

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Don't Overload The Homepage With Media

Overloading the homepage with media can do a few things to a website. This can slow down visitor loading times and even freeze their device if they have a slow connection or the server the site is being run on isn't high quality. The homepage causing devices to slow down or crash is the easiest way to lose what otherwise could be consistent visitors. Even if you are running a travel website, keep the photos and videos in their own sections. Let the visitor navigate to the place they are interested instead of trying to put copious amounts of content on the first page that they see.

Developing and managing a successful website can turn into a career or a huge flow of supplemental income for an individual. Designing the site in such a way to maximize profits and develop loyalty among readers might be difficult but it will give the owner a sense of professional freedom like they have never encountered.

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