Web Design Basics Design Principles Tips To Improve Web Design Skills

Tips To Improve Web Design Skills

Designing the business website is not at all something that is simple. There are so many professionals out there that know everything about what is needed for professional design. It is not that difficult to find a web design and branding agency so the competition is huge. You want to work hard to keep improving your personal web design skills. How do you do that? Much work is needed but here are some tips you can consider.

Color Additions

A really common mistake is overdesigning the website. This usually happens as you add too many colors or too much color. You will want to start learning how to use gray shades. Grayscale design is really good to start out and you can then add colors to all the design elements you added.

Keynote Usage

Learning Photoshop is not actually absolutely necessary for call to actions, home pages and website prototypes. Keynote is suitable for the exact same purpose, especially in the event that you are interested in creating mockups. Web repositories now feature UI design templates that can be used for wireframing, testing and prototyping.

Experimenting With Web Fonts

In many cases there won’t be any business style guide you have to respect and that dictates the fonts you are about to use. If this is the case, you should first start with the safer web fonts. Google Fonts is generally a very safe way to use fonts in your website design.

Adding Social Media Icons

In many situations the website does not get enough traffic because of not properly implementing social media in the promotion strategy. Modern web design needs to include social media elements. This is why you have to be sure that you properly add social media icons and other elements that perfectly match overall website design.

Eliminate The Slideshow

Some time ago we always had carousels or slideshows present on the home page. It was useful and innovative at that point in time. The problem is that nowadays people are much faster in making decisions. They will not appreciate having to stay on your home page and reading every single message written there. Visitors have to be able to quickly find what they are looking for.

Always Simplify Navigation

Site navigation should be as simple as possible since visitors nowadays want to quickly find what they are looking for. You want to eliminate the dropdown menus and the menus that are multi-tier. Just experienced users are going to use those. Simplification is something that is absolutely necessary for every single website that tries to be effective so design has to revolve around that.

White Space Use

Website white space use is really important. However, this does not mean that you want to have a really large part of the site that is blank. The idea is to find a really good mix. Just try to use as much as to put focus on the important parts of the web page. This is what the white space is used for.

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