Top 3 Actionable Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies To Increase Your Sales

Customer acquisition and retention play important roles when it comes to helping websites grow. E-commerce is a trillion-dollar industry that grows at an alarming rate yearly. It is crucial to be fully focused on the position of your e-commerce business expansion, and spending huge sums on ads is not enough. You must utilize customer conversion rate optimization techniques to exponentially grow your revenue for the future.

Rule Of Sales

You take 80% of the total revenue of 20% of existing customers in the business. So since consumer acquisition will only produce short term gains, also take into account customer retention as your long term goal, using the following 3 conversion rate optimization hacks to help achieve this goal and also increase e-commerce website conversion rate.

Strategic Placement and Content of Call To Action (CTA)

This is a very important element that guides visitors, telling them what to click or do. It guides them and easily converts a visitor to a customer in no time. Know that when styling a CTA, it should be positioned where it will be visible. 'Shop Now', 'Click Here' or 'Buy Now' are the most popular examples of a CTA. Try to experiment with correct relatable language and optimize the online shop and ensure creativity is applied and it makes sense.

How To Create Effective Call-To-Action

Try out various colors to give off a visual appeal that goes in line with your brand and make sure it is easily identifiable and stands out from the background.

The sense of urgency can help boost your business. Bear in mind that the time limit applies to end-of-season retail sales and hence customers are more disposed to use them. Whenever a limitation or sense of urgency is involved, it means more sales, as recent research showed a 332% increase in sales whenever this tactic was used. This placement should be kept above the fold as it is an ideal position for such CTAs to attract visitors. Also, use simple buttons to ensure the text is short and sweet. Say if you sell flowers, using something catchy and important like 'Take a Rosy Tour' rather than 'Buy Now' will attract customers.


Concentrate on visitors who spent time visiting the site even though they didn't make any purchase. Use this to convert them into customers, as it always seems to work. You can also use special offers or tailored down messages to attract traffic back to your site. This technique not only gives you an advantage in the competitive market but has also been known to convert visitors to customers, which in turn leads to an increased conversion rate. Businesses such as U.S. Rigging Supply was able to double their revenue using this valuable strategy.

How Do You Do It?

Compartmentalize your visitors based on their behavior and their purchasing or browsing choices in the site and after this, you create more personalized messages in line with contents the visitor has had interaction with which also syncs with their choices. You can also customize the live chat feature on the site to automatically trigger a personalized message whenever a visitor revisits the site.

Try not to limit yourself, think out of the box and explore your various marketing channels. Try to use various channels like Google Display Network or social media apps like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for maximum results. Optimizing a search engine is yet another way to convert visitors into customers.

Do Not Forget Mobile Friendliness

Out of 3.65 billion global mobile users, 1.2 billion of them use their phones to access the web daily. These days customers prefer to buy on the go, so always make your site mobile-friendly and remember that whatever isn't mobile now perishes easily.

A recent research has shown that mobile users keep increasing in proportion to e-commerce revenue, so businesses should organize their e-commerce sites so that they offer high-quality experience over various devices. A highly responsive template should be created bearing in mind mobile devices.

Points To Note

First of all, your mobile site should be optimized to load faster. You can achieve this by trying to focus on important information being attached to the site with enchanting visuals. The mobile should look different from a website, so don't forget to keep the area around relevant information clutter-free and in front. Auto slides do not go down well with mobile visitors so if you use or intend using them, ensure they load quickly and are easy to navigate. To increase conversion rate while applying this technique, business statistics should be included.

After trying everything possible to get visitors to visit your site to turn them into customers but you failed, what do you do now?


All factors stated above are important if you are retaining visitors and turning them into customers, as well as getting new leads as they will provide an essential kick to your site's traffic and convince people to buy.

One advantage is the fact that you don't need to completely redesign your site and all that is required is to make necessary changes. Also, you do not necessarily need to hire a web developer or retain any CRO agency as these hacks are quite easy and you ensure high conversion rate and steady growth for your e-business.

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