Top 5 Programming Languages That Developers Should Learn

Are you feeling confused by the many programming languages and you cannot seem to figure out which of them you should focus on? If so, then we will show you the top five programming languages you need to learn.

There are more than a dozen programming languages in the world today. And because of the sheer volume, finding out the most popular of them all might be a bit challenging. In this case, you need to consider all the different things that would require programming. There’s software, game development, websites, apps, and several other categories that would require specific programming languages offering different possibilities.

So, based on programming and usage experts, which among these are the most popular?

1. JavaScript

It might seem hypocritical to lump JavaScript with Python. Besides, JavaScript works like a client-facing and front-end language. However, almost every single thing on the Internet today needs to use JavaScript. But no, this language is not related to Java in any form or shape. It started as a form of web-scripting language, and now, JavaScript allows for developers to create interactive website elements. This makes it useful for everything, from backend servers to IoT devices.

Generally, tasks that require JavaScript knowledge are going to be well related. You’ll see titles like front-end developer, web developers, and full stack developer. Meanwhile, 62.5% of those who were surveyed by the StackOverflow in 2017 chose JavaScript as the most commonly used coding languages.

2. PHP

PHP can go well with most of the websites including Goldenslot, which everyone uses every single day. Everything from WordPress, Amazon, and Google, makes use of PHP elements. Indeed, they often do it in alongside other programming languages, such as Java, Python, C++, and others. But here’s a fun fact about WordPress - the back-end is mainly PHP.

3. SQL

Commonly read as “Sequel”, SQL means Structured Query Language and allows coders to be able to handle a large amount of data using databases. This allows them to access and manage the data that’s usually in conjunction with other languages like PHP. SQL basically replaces the old read and write API like VSAM and ISAM. It’s capable of accessing a bunch of records with only one command eliminating the need for specifying how to reach the records without an index of some sort.

4. Python

Machine learning implementation has really propelled Python into the coding stratosphere. Because of its versatility, you will find Python in various platforms such as Dropbox, BitTorrent, OpenStack, and more. This code is also fairly easy to understand and digest. It’s capable of supporting multiple programming paradigms with a wide range of software libraries. You’d be able to drop them into a code which allows for easier integration and scaling.

5. Java

Developed originally by Sun Microsystems in 1991, Java has primarily worked with interactive television systems. Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, transitioning Java to the prolific powerhouse programming language that it is today. You’ll find Java developers commonly on Android apps, although almost 90% of the Fortune 500 companies have relied on it mainly, which makes sense because the coined phrase of the language is - write once, run anywhere!

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