Top 5 Video Metrics to Track Corporate Video

If a business is looking to make video content a major part of their online marketing campaign, they must have measurable metrics in place to gauge its success. There are several different metrics they should be looking at to determine the reach and effectiveness of their video content marketing. With the investment into hiring a video production company, being a serious one - you’ll want to make sure these metrics are tracked.

Here are five top video metrics to track:

1. View Count - This is a simple, but an important number that tells a business how many people have engaged with their video. However, it is important to note that view count only tells them how many people started the video, not how many people actually watched the entire video or followed through. The view count is a raw number that shows exactly how many people have come in contact with its content.

2. Play Rate - Keeping in mind the view count, your play rate is the next important metric. The play rate is the percentage of people who have actually clicked on the video from a given source. For instance, the percentage of people who come to a homepage and watch the video instead of scrolling past it. This number can be closely monitored and enhanced by changing the appearance of the video or moving it to a more prominent location.

3. Engagement - Engagement rate is perhaps the most useful metric for your content creation team. This percentage tells them how much of the video their viewers are actually watching before they move on. Once you notice a trend they can start cutting content to fit the window their viewers prefer and cut out content that seems to be losing their interest. Even more important is determining whether or not viewers are watching long enough to catch the call to action.

4. Conversion Rate - Naturally you will want to keep a close eye on the conversion rate, and in a broader sense, the click-through rate. If a business notices engagement problems above, the conversion rate has probably suffered. Moving their call to action or shortening their videos can increase the number of people who make it through.

5. Shares - As with all great content, shareability is a major factor. The more free sharing they can get their viewers to do, the more they earn on every marketing dollar spent. Keep a close eye on the video share rates and try to determine why some videos get shared often while others don't make it out of the gate.

In Summary

These five metrics are enough to get any business started to track its corporate videos. As a company explores the engagement and conversion rates of their content, they will be able to find a formula that works well for their viewers. This will encourage more shares and will help their viewers remember its content and brand. The more a business uses performance measurements, the better its return on investment.

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