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Photoshop CS4 TutorialsPhotoshop CS4 Tutorials reveal all the features of this graphics editor and the most effective ways to take advantage of them. Whether you are a professional photographer, web designer or graphic designer you’ll find something of interest here if you work with Photoshop CS4.
This tutorial shows how to reduce a persons weight using various tools in photoshop cs4
In this tutorial you will learn the difference between vibrance and saturation in Photoshop CS4
In this tutorial YOU WILL LEARN how to take a picture of poor STANS run down record store and turn it into a cool evening image complete with animated neon lights using Adobe Photoshop CS4.
In this video tutorial you'll learn about non-destructive editiing using Smart Objects in CS4.
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In this video tutorial you'll see how to sharpen your images using insharp mask in CS4.
New tools for aligning and auto-blending layers with panoramic images in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
Here we go ahead and work with Photoshop CS4 Extended, specifically the 3D construction and editing engine. We will create a cool abstract 3D shape which is different every time you make it and we then check out some cool techniques to convert it to a smooth icy looking shape.
In perspective editing is the ability to transform images without you having to worry about altering the size of brush, colour or anything else come to think of it.
Layer masks with vectors. Using vectors give the user more control over the detail you want to retain.
You can combine multiple photos into one larger file as separate layers, adding borders and drop shadows to create an advertising piece or just a unique image. However, you can easily achieve a similar effect from just one photograph.