Text/Image Reflection

Step 1: Create a new file with any Artboard Setup and make sure you select the RGB Color for Color Mode.

Step 2: Type anything at the artboard. For example dX-Xel. Hehe..Select the text and set Size : 36 pt, Color : Orange. It would be something like below.

image 1

Step 3: Copy the text (Ctrl + C) and paste it in front (Ctrl + F). Click the text, press Shift key and drag it to the bottom of the original text (see below).

image 2

Step 4: Select the duplicate text and right click > Transform > Reflect. Set Axis: Horizontal with Angle : 0 (see below).

image 3

Step 5: Select the Rectangle tool or just press M to draw a rectangle and place it on the top of the duplicate text. Fill the rectangle with the gradient color by clicking this tool . Select the Gradient Tool by pressing G. Press Shift + left click from top to the center of the image and release your left mouse click. See below:-

image 4

Step 6: Select the text and the rectangle image and go to Transparency palate, press the small arrow button on the right of the palette and Make Opacity Mask (see below).

image 5

That's all? Yeahh..That's all. You may move the reflect image exactly under the original one. You also can modified the Opacity value to 70%, add some background or anything. It's up to you.

Our final result:

Text/Image Reflection

Note: You can apply this tutorial if you want to make a reflection to an image.

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