Ways on How to Optimize Your Website to Increase Lead Generation

Sites are an essential marketing tool, and for it to bring in return on investment, it requires optimization. Whichever purpose of the website serves to business, websites are meant to create more growth to the company and ultimately contributing to the bottom line. Lead generation allows you to get the contacts of potential customers allowing you to turn them into buying customers. There are various ways you can turn your website into a lead generation machine without having to spend money and effort on completely redesigning it. Here are some insightful ways that go a long way in growing your business.

1. Monitor website traffic

There are tools available online that help you understand your website traffic. Analyze where they click most, the dead zone areas, where they are coming from, the device they are using, and so on. By understanding the interests of your audience in your site, it helps you reposition the tabs and rearrange the information as appropriate. Furthermore, you can carry out tests to know which call to action yields better results.

2. Live Chat

Many customers today appreciate real-time communication. While sending emails and making phone calls is okay, it is not fast enough. A consumer may have questions about a product they might want to purchase from your website. The longer you take to answer, the faster his/her interest in the product fades away. Sometimes it might just be a clarification they may need and thus the importance of having a live chat.

3. Testimonials

People tend to decide to purchase a product or a service based on other people’s reviews. It makes them trust your product more and have confidence that it will serve them as they need. Adding testimonials from other customers who’ve used the product is a sure way to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

4. Perform a split test

It involved creating multiple different landing pages to establish which ones lead to better conversion rates. The smallest changes in color or page arrangement can result in a considerable difference in the way customers perceive it. Split testing allows you to understand which ones are most effective when it comes to resonating with the customers.

5. Explainer videos

The element of a motion picture is guaranteed to capture the attention of a potential customer and make them want to know more. In addition to that, research shows that animated videos are the best to use, especially where the product explained is abstract. Quality and content are essential when it comes to videos. If it is not of good quality and does communicate information about your product, then you are better off doing without it.

6. Exit popup

These are a significant way to keep your visitors on your page and collect their contact information before they leave your page.

All in all, the key for you to turn your website into a lead generation machine starts from monitoring your website traffic. By doing that, you get all the information you need about your visitors to help you customize your website to suit their needs even more.

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