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Web design is a fascinating subject to learn, but an unprepared novice might find it daunting. The amount of techniques and nuances makes it hard to find where to start from. I know even the most experienced web designers don't know absolutely everything. That's not possible, if you ask me; the amount of new technologies that appear every day make it that.

But you don't have to know everything. And the things you need and want to know can easily be learned. There is a number of very good web design courses on the web that are aimed to help you with that.

I'm gonna show you the best of those online courses today. These will be of interest to those who want to learn some coding or web development, design principles or how to use some particular CMS, there are even lessons on app-creating. Some of the courses below are free, some are paid, some are text based, most are video based though. I'm sure everyone can find something of interest here.


web design courses online

This video-based service is very easy to navigate, the greatest part about Treehouse - the site has a game element to it, there are tests and rewards for extra motivation. The service offers professionally made videos on web design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, Development tools, creating apps etc. The courses can be learned on the web and on Android and iOS devices. The service is a paid subscription type but the videos are of the highest quality and the content is really valuable. You can learn basically everything there is to learn on web design and development.

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web design courses online

Lynda.com is probably the oldest among the learning services you can find online, it launched back in 1995. For a monthly fee you get a subscription for a widest range of video tutorials on everything related to web design, development, 3d animations, photography and even business. Being that old Lynda.com is a very authoritative goldmine of information for everyone who wants to learn web design or development. The site features not only tutorials, they also produce books and documentaries. You can make a custom playlist of the videos you need most instant access to, there also are free tutorials available.

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Code School

web design courses online

Code School's mojo is - learn by doing, and learn by doing you do! The whole learning process takes place in your browser with the help of interactive video tutoring, you basically write the code and see what it does right away. For a reasonable monthly fee you can learn anything from JavaScript and Ruby to HTML and CSS.

Another awesome feature that distinguishes Code School is that you can sign up a whole team to a course, not just individuals. The degree of complexity ranges from beginner to advanced level. As at Treehouse, at Code School you get some fun along with learning, there are rewards and badges to be earned, code challenges to be solved.

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web design courses online

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Skillfeed is another subscription type online school where you can learn anything from web development to business. The subjects covered in more than 65000 video tutorials include web development, photography, design, mobile, 3d and motion graphics and many more; the list of software you can learn to master is very extensive.

The key element of Skillfeed is this - you can either learn a subject from cover to cover via a long and very informative comprehensive course or get quick tips and tricks on the subject via a short video called Skill Snack.

All of the above mentioned websites have a free trial period, you can sign up to all of them, test them and stay with the one that suits you best.

I'd love to hear which one you liked more, please share in the comments below!

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