Web Design Trends Inspired By Instagram’s UI and Visuals

Instagrams UI

Instagram is an app that many take for granted nowadays and don’t realize its influence. First launched in 2010, it was right when smartphones were starting to become more popular than ever. As such, Instagram's style was entirely optimized for smartphones, with minimalism and imagery being its main focus.

While many apps nowadays resemble Instagram, it's still highly influential. This is why we're going to showcase several trends inspired by Instagram. Also, learn how to buy Instagram views for Reels while you're here.


The most prominent example we can think of when it comes to trends inspired by Instagram is minimalism. This approach is that less is more, which we believe Instagram helped to popularize.

In the 90s and 2000s, web design tended to have some overly complex pages, which a user could get lost. While there were benefits, this has been less popular over the years, with Instagram being one reason it disappeared.

Instagram has a simple interface. It does not take long before you figure out the ins and outs of it. The site does not try to distract you from the many photos and videos it has to offer. This design came at the beginning of the smartphone age, perfectly optimized for phones of all sizes so that images load quickly regardless of connection.

White Space

This technique is part of minimalism, but it needs its section. Adding more white space to the website or app ensures the user knows what to focus on. Many websites can add clutter, making focusing on more than one thing difficult.

But on Instagram, it's pretty easy to see the most critical aspects of the app when you see all the white space. There are no distracting backgrounds or anything to catch your eye when you're looking at the photos, or you need to figure out where the options are. Even with dark mode, the white space stands out, as the vivid visuals add a healthy dose of excitement to those pictures.


One bit of web design that we've been noticing recently is the resurgence in vintage aesthetics. Websites that look like an old photograph or something from decades ago are appealing. It has a timeless look yet reminds you of a simpler period.

We can trace this design choice to Instagram. Instagram popularized photo filters that can give a picture an old-timey look, something that made Instagram initially stand out. Since then, many websites have followed suit. This is also great for those who have a retro audience. Their eyes will focus on the more retro styles, which is great if you’re looking to fully capitalize on nostalgia.

Never-Ending Scrolling

Instagram is a website that utilizes never-ending scrolling. Like many people, you can get lost scrolling on it indefinitely, seeing new content each time. Instagram uses techniques like lazy loading that only loads the image when needed.

Despite this being popularized by Instagram, many other websites follow this philosophy to create a long webpage where a person can keep scrolling to see more content. Adding this to your website may lead your users to become addicted to it.

Double Tapping

On Instagram, one of the most important ways to show support for the people you love is to heart-react to their photos. Before Instagram, you had to hover over an image and click the like or heart button, which could be a hassle.

However, Instagram was the app that popularized the double tap. This is where you tap your finger on the photo twice, and you will heart react to it. It's so easy to do, and it shows immediate support. Since then, many websites have integrated simple ways for mobile users to interact with their content.

Dark Mode

Instagram is not the first to introduce dark mode; it rolled out in 2019. However, since many websites have followed suit, we wouldn't be surprised if Instagram had some influence.

The dark mode is when the white background becomes dark. Many people like it because it makes text more legible. Also, it can allow your phone to last much longer. Another reason dark mode is preferred is because many people feel like their eyes strain when they use light mode, and dark mode may help a person feel less wound up at night. If you're making a website or app, having a dark way is necessary.

An Optimized Algorithm

Instagram is a website that recommends content based on who you follow, what you like, and other interactions you've made. While most social media websites use some algorithm nowadays, Instagram was among the first. The idea is to allow users to discover new content they like and content that may be a bit different. The algorithm can change based on the user's tastes, and with most websites, the algorithm is like a well-kept secret recipe.

Evolving While Staying True to Itself

Since 2010, Instagram has evolved quite a bit. It used to be a website for photos, but now it has videos, Reels, Stories, and much more. This is why it's lasted so long: it has added new features to keep people coming back.

Despite that, Instagram is still Instagram. It has familiar branding and aesthetics from 10 years ago, meaning it hasn't alienated too many users. It would be best to evolve but not lose who you are when making an app or website. Instagram is an excellent example to follow.

Final Thoughts

These are some ways that Instagram has influenced web and app design over the years. While not all of these are exclusive to Instagram, it popularized many things we see on the web today. For example, if it weren't for Instagram, we may not have TikTok. We suspect that Instagram will continue to grow over the years, even as the competition gets fiercer, and we expect them to carry new trends that will make people come back for more. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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