Web Design Basics Design Principles Web Redesigns and Responsive Websites – How are Casinos Cashing in?

Web Redesigns and Responsive Websites – How are Casinos Cashing in?

It goes without mentioning that the mobile revolution is hitting every single industry, altering the way in which businesses and organizations interact with consumers and also the levels of immediacy and customization the consumers are expecting. As long as the gaming industry is concerned, the million dollar question is how soon casinos can modernize their floors, replacing age-old slot machines with connected smart games and tackling the new Internet of Things security requirements of the consumer world.

Till now, the baby boomer generation remains the largest casino clientele, both in terms of the money that they keep bringing to the casino floor and in terms of their population. They are also the ones who seem to be less tech savvy and least interested in the brand new gaming experiences which all casinos are trying to bring about for the generation X and Y. Gaming companies should indeed move slowly so that they don’t alienate their biggest supporters and also modernize soon to captivate and lure the younger clientele to stay afloat in the extremely competitive market.

Web design – The only area where the move to modernisation is an obvious one

Casino executives are striving hard to seek the perfect balance between their conventional, age-old slot machines and new electronic games. However the only area where the transformation from old to new is obvious is website designing. The National Indian Gaming Commission, in September 2015 revealed an entirely new online experience. NIGC’s new casino websites are extremely mobile-friendly, they’re based completely on intuitive designing and also leverages the latest technology and web design trends to offer the best user experience.

What are the new features of NIGC’s website?

The new website of NIGC sets an example for the extended features that are available on the casino websites of these days. Their website redesigning includes electronic subscription news service, online financial submissions, video streaming capabilities, interactive casino directory and a colorful map of gaming facilities. In order to apply these changes, the designing and development teams collected information on how the website’s users interacted with the previous website, where they spent time and which pages they mostly visited.

However, casino website redesigns are more about creating the best user experience or leveraging responsive web design to earn a higher rank in Google search engine result pages. Such redesigns are the initial step in making the gaming industry modern and in creating necessary conditions to lure a wave of millennial customers. The online casino websites are trying their best to transform their customers into paying customers.

There are other casinos like Lapalingo Casino and the American Casino & Entertainment Properties (ACEP) have already started focusing on building smart casinos. In fact ACEP has partnered with a company called JOINGO which is a strategy company that’s dedicated to creating good relation between patrons of games and gaming operators. Their goal is to go ‘all-in’ with mobile which means that 50-75% of the customers should be connected real-time to their brand.

How will smart casinos look like?

At smart casinos, patrons are able to check out the waiting time at their chosen poker tables, check how crowded the floor has got, allow the valet know that their car is going to come around and control every single thing from air conditioning units to light units through a click on their smartphones.

Mobile websites are a beginning of a change in the gaming industry

The practice of mobile websites is only a beginning of the drastic change that is going to come to the gaming industry. Within the next 10 years, the portrait of the relation between online experience and in-house will probably disappear. Regardless of whether it is through a responsive website or full-scale mobile engagement or a mobile app, casinos are currently harnessing the revolution of mobile-friendliness to improve revenue streams, attract interest of the younger generation and customize the gaming experience like it never happened before.

Even the mobile and web application developers feel the demand from the new casino clients. The web is home to the shiny industry which supports more than 1.8 million jobs and $75 billion in the form of annual income. Mobile gaming is actually driving huge results in various American communities. The landscape of casino websites has remained static since the better half of the decade. The smaller local casinos are usually more nimble and they are faster to embrace website redesigning. The larger ones, which are national or even regional, are the ones who think improvements are something impossible. They are more receptive to such ideas of changes.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the best ways in which you can capture the younger generation towards your casino, you should consider changing the web designing or the look of your website. Take into account the facts mentioned above.


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