What are the Web Design Trends to Look for in 2020

If you take a look at modern-day webpages, you will find two things in common – minimalistic design, and better functionality. Web designing is synonymous with e-commerce. The rise of online business platforms has pushed web designing even further. It doesn’t matter whether your company is big or small, a beautiful website will help you attract more customers.

There has been a massive shift in web designing over the years. From simple HTML pages to complex GUI, websites have undergone an impressive makeover. The main focus of web developers is giving valuable content to the users. After all, you wouldn’t want to visit a page that bombards you with unnecessary information. Now, the question that remains is, how do you design a great webpage?

Designing an impactful webpage

What makes an impressive webpage? The answer is simple, quality of content. You cannot replace content with anything even if you add flashy graphics and attractive icons. The primary purpose of websites is to provide the customers with the information they came looking for. Never assume that viewers will bother to scroll past thousands of words to find what they had been looking for. you have to design your webpage in a way that the most relevant content will be the most accessible.

Things to keep in mind while designing a webpage

Websites that give viewers an immersive experience, stand the chance of going to the bookmarks. You need to connect well with the viewers to get their appreciation and loyalty. Here are some starters for designing a mesmerizing website.

  • Avoid cluttering
  • Overloading too much of anything at one place is always bad. Maintain the aesthetics while laying out the design. You need to make sure that there is continuity with the content. Discard anything that seems irrelevant to the context.

  • Use language effectively
  • To make things clear to your readers, you have to use simple yet effective language. Using bombastic words will frustrate them and make them leave your website. Simple words that people often use in conversations are the best for webpage content.

  • Don’t use hard-to-read fonts
  • Fonts are the deal breaker for any website. If you use simple font, it will make things easy for the viewers. Nobody wants to read words written in decorative fonts. Calibri, Verdana, and Sans Serif are some of the most widely used fonts.

  • Include high-resolution images
  • Pictures are the best way to connect with the audience. You can explain so much with a single picture that would have taken nearly hundred words. Use pictures to reduce your word count and keep the content crisp.

  • Make scrolling easy
  • Navigation is one of the key aspects of web designing. Webpages should be simple and easy to navigate. Use simple scrolling bars to help viewers move through your content. Customize the navigation to suit different types of devices.

Best web design trends of 2020

Web design companies are leaving no stone unturned to make websites attractive. The above aspects of web designing need to be included in the websites to create the best impact.

Below, we have compiled a list of the trending webpage ideas that have been tested for success.

  • The dark mode
  • Dark backgrounds are everywhere. From social media apps to your browser, every application has the option of turning the entire background black. You can create higher contrast ratios by using dark theme for your website. It brings out the lighter elements and also reduces power consumption. Although black theme looks good, you have to keep visibility during daytime in mind. Give users the option to toggle between the different modes.

  • Hand-drawn graphics
  • A little imperfection can add a human touch to your websites. Be it randomly placed animations or hand-written logos, users are drawn towards anything that seems natural. Hand-drawn icons are making waves across digital platforms because of their rustic appeal. When you see graphics that look like doodles you can easily create, you are naturally intrigued. Cheerful yet simple graphics can go a long way in creating a lasting impression with the users.

  • Immersive experience with 3D graphics
  • 3D animations are always successful in drawing attention. Earlier 3D designing was expensive and out of reach for most people. But, with latest innovations in technology, it has become more affordable and common. You can hire a web design company to create beautiful graphics for your website at a reasonable price tag. Instead of using words, filling up the screen with 3D objects can help your website grow.

  • Layers and shadows
  • Soft shadows create a surreal experience. Overlaying different graphics and adding soft colors can result in a magical interface. Shadows aren’t limited to texts; you can even use them for photos and graphics. The added depth will make the objects look like a floating element. Flat designs are passé, unique floating elements are the newest trends in web design.

Creating an impactful website becomes easier if you hire an efficient web design company. Skilled web designers will help you design unique and beautiful websites that will increase your sales and profits.

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