What Does it Take to Redesign Your Website?

Your website design can make or break your business. Your website is an advertisement channel, a product listing, a business card, a sales pitch to mention a few functionalities. With that in mind, you need to ensure that the website is optimally functioning. With the ever-evolving technology, your site could be due for a website makeover.

Giving your site a fresh look might require you to consider a website redesign. While it might not be a walk in the park, require financial investment, and take some time, website redesign could be what your business needs to enjoy an edge over your competitors. If you are considering it, here is what it takes to redesign your website.

Analyze your current stand

Start by evaluating what works and what doesn’t. See what your users find valuable and why, and if you can improve it with a website refresh. What doesn’t work is expandable, but if you can get valuable design tips that can make it work, you could include it in your website redesign process.

Analyzing your website allows you to make informed decisions on what to keep, improve, get rid off, among other concepts that improve your website’s performance.

Set realistic goals

Now that you have established what works, your next step is to set realistic goals of what you need to improve and what you expect to achieve. Every project requires realistic goals, and website redesign is not exempted. While it may take time and a portion of your money, you shouldn’t expect a huge conversion rate from day one. Setting such a goal will only frustrate your efforts and affect your business performance.

Weigh your competitors’ sites

Your competitors are a rich pool of information. Weigh your competitors is an excellent approach to see what others in your industry are doing. Check out a successful competitor and identify what they are doing to gain such success. An excellent way to experience it first hand is to visit their sites as a customer and compare the experience with what your website offers. That way, you can establish where your site lags and implement measures to collect it.

Research your audience

The most convenient way to ensure that your website is successfully serving your business is by knowing your audience. Research what they like, their browsing habits, and the keywords regularly used. From there, you can implement a strategy that works towards providing valuable information that helps to generate more traffic, leads and improve the conversion rate.

Refresh your content and SEO checkpoints

A website redesign is an excellent opportunity to refresh your content strategy. Scrap off outdated blogs, improve and update your content for better lead generation, and check the content that is performing well to use it as a template for future content generation. As you refresh your content strategy, also consider your publishing schedule and adjust it accordingly.

SEO checkpoints are another must consider when undertaking website refresh. Ensure that your website’s loading time is fast, that the site is mobile friendly, and that the content is easily readable. If your traffic has a hard time navigating through your website, they are likely to move on to your competitors.

Website redesigning takes time and strategic planning to be successful. As you venture into website refresh, your focal point shouldn’t concentrate on its aesthetic appeal but also the design and its functionalities as well.

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