Where The World's Biggest Brands Host WordPress

Hosting big brands is no small feat. Companies like Disney, Visa, and Comcast attract boatloads of visitors to their websites every day, and this opens up a world of site speed and security issues. As brands become more and more popular, they creep closer to a tipping point where their teams don't have the resources or knowledge to properly care for their sites anymore.

That's where Managed WordPress Hosting comes in.

Many of the world's biggest brands host their WordPress projects with a select crop of providers.

WordPress itself has a VIP solution, where some of the biggest brands in the world like CNN, Time, and UPS trust the experts at the source to handle their site.

Pagely also helps big brands like Disney, Visa, and Virgin Atlantic in handling their WordPress hosting, and created the Managed WordPress space back in 2006.

What separates these players, though? How does Pagely differ from WordPress VIP?

WordPress.com VIP

WordPress VIP originally stemmed from Automattic's WordPress.com site that was already hosting millions of free amateur blogs. They clearly had the resources to service bigger clients, so that's what they did. Today they cater to some of the highest profile publishers on an invitation/application basis.

Some of their notable clients are Thought Catalog, New York Post, and TED. They work with these publishers to handle some 80 million new posts per month.

How do they service these bigger brands, though? For one, WordPress VIP users enjoy benefits like cloud hosting, which allows their site to live on multiple servers, increasing reliability and peace of mind. For publishers, this cloud hosting with WordPress VIP helps some 22,000 authors receive more than 2.7 billion page views without a hitch.


While WordPress VIP handles mostly big publishers, Pagely works with a variety of big brands across multiple industries. In the case of clothing line designer Brooklyn Tweed, Pagely solved their traffic spikes with server scalability.

In the days leading up to new clothing line launches, Pagely doubles or even triples Tweed's server to accommodate spikes in traffic so they don't crash. Beyond than that, they monitor what's happening carefully 24 hours after the line launches because that's when traffic skyrockets the most.

It's these small efforts that managed hosting providers like WordPress VIP and Pagely make to service big clients without a hitch.

The Need

It really comes down to site speed and safety. With sites like Visa, Ebay, and Univision using managed WordPress Hosting services, security is absolutely paramount to the daily workings of these companies. They trust outside businesses like Pagely to take care of that for them.

At the end of the day, most of the world's biggest brands trust managed WordPress hosting providers like Pagely and WordPress VIP. That's because as businesses scale, their hosting needs change with it. It's up to these companies to help big brands blaze a trail into the future.

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