Why Design Matters for Your Ecommerce

While some people might think that beauty lays in the eye of the beholder, marketers wouldn’t necessarily agree with that saying. Here is why design holds the secret to customers buying decisions.

As a small maker or manufacturer, you might be very well aware of the fact that product design influences the buying decision of your customers. That’s why you probably spend many hours deciding on the design of your products and packaging until everything looks perfect.

Same goes for your brick-and-mortar store – if you have one. You know that decoration is as important as the decision of where to place which product so it gets the most attention from your customer. And – of course – these things like decorations or product placement need to be considered again every season. This can be tiring, particularly as a small maker or manufacturer who is also highly involved in the production process.

Design Matters When Selling Online

When a small business starts selling online it can be a huge improvement in terms of sales. But it often means a lot more work for the same amount of staff. So, when it comes to designing a webshop, it is important that you also pay a lot of attention, even though you think you don’t have time for it. Keep in mind that if the website doesn’t look appealing, your visitors will leave the website before they even look at your products.

Launching an online business comes with a lot of new tasks – compared to managing a physical store. You’ll have to figure out how to keep track of the orders from your online shop, how to ship them on time to your customer’s home and how to make sure you’ll never run out of stock. This can be stressful, especially if you are a small business that can’t afford to hire more people.

But how about outsourcing some of these business operations? Smart workshop software can help with tracking orders and keeping inventory management for small business in place. With the time that you will save by implementing software, you can focus on the design of your website and actual sales.

Choose the Design

Deciding on a design can be a tough task for someone who has never built a website before. There are many options and combinations of colors and patterns. Importantly, your choice will affect the customer’s buying decision in the end. Studies have found that background colors can be used to prime customers to certain attributes, such as money or safety. If you know how to use this knowledge for your business, you can prime your customers to buy certain products.

Furthermore, it is very important that you decide on one color palette and use it on your whole website. Don’t change the design or the colors from one page to the other as this could confuse your visitors and show inconsistency in your brand.

But the most important thing about the design of the website is that it is easy to navigate and that it functions well. You don’t need to build a sophisticated website that costs hundreds of dollars when a Wordpress template can make your shop look just as professional.

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