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7 Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

How many times did you start to create your own typography? And how many times you gave up?

Font design is a very complex and creative process that needs a constant source of inspiration. Without inspiration, you couldn't even prepare your morning cup of tasty coffee. So if you are going to develop a new version of some well - known font or create your own, this article is for you!

Use the analytical approach to the process

The first way to find some kind of typography inspiration is to explore the structure of the individual letters of the font. The analysis of the construction of a separate letter can push you on an interesting idea or solution. Pay attention to the font's shape, work with it in order to find some mistakes and fix them. This process will evolve your visual thinking and help to understand the construction of a particular letter and all font as a whole.

Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

You can start your work with a free font. Look at it more closely, I'm sure, you'll find a lot of inconsistencies in kerning, visual perception, and the logic of letters.

Learn the history

Today the computerized process of creating fonts is extremely different from the old one, especially if we talk about the times before the establishment of printing presses. But familiarization with such oldschool process of designing fonts is a very useful and wildly exciting experience.

Also, you should pay your attention to the terminology of the font craft. The more you study it, the less you will be scared by concepts, such as: Bracketed slab serifs, X - Height or Descender line.

Research the process of creating a new font

Creating a new font is a very detailed and responsible work. You should see the whole process. Of course, every designer has his own method or way of developing, but the knowledge of the basic principles will help you create your own font.

The article Newzald: From Moleskine to Market describes in a very detailed way what creating a professional font looks like: from conceptual sketches to the finished font. As you can see, the work on creating fonts needs a tremendous amount of time and effort, but don't let the process scare you.

Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

Solve the market needs

Yes, the market can be a source of inspiration. Market can push you to design some kind of creative stuff in new artistic directions (and not only). I want to show you one example when technology inspires developing typography. The first Macintosh had a poor collection of fonts. So Zuzana Licko decided to develop some new types of electronic fonts. Now she is a co - founder of digital typography. Undoubtedly her success has been proved by market requirements. But there is another completely opposite way :) For example, you have a talent to decorative designs or calligraphy. You can work with customers who like such style. Look at Eduardo Recife's portfolio to be assured of the success of this approach.

Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

Choose your Hero

Find some typography designers that will admire you. Learn as more as possible about their work, design process, sources of inspiration. Looking at fonts designed by a typography guru, you'll try to create something quality and really good, it will raise the level of your works.

Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

World that surrounds you

Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find a lot of handwritten signs, ads and graffiti in your own town. You may think that it fills your city disorder, but sometimes you can find a really huge piece of inspiration there.

Sources of Inspiration in Typography Design

Subscribe to the font designer's catalogs, newsletters or magazines

Almost every respecting resource has typography related categories. Do not hesitate to follow some powerful bloggers and designers. It helps you stay in the know. Books are another cool source where you can find some creative ideas and thoughts. Look at the solutions that have been already implemented. Showcase of Typographic Book Covers will surprise you .


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