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Optimization of Flash Movies (Exclusive Article)

MadFlasher Articles Feb 17, 2005

1. If a certain graphic element is used in a clip more than once, make it a symbol.

2. Graphic objects having a complex border should be optimized using the menu option Modify -> Curves -> Optimize (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C).

3. Use the button marked “Smooth,” positioned in the lower part of the instrument panel and in the upper part of the graphics menu.

4. Before importing a raster-based graphic image, ask yourself the question: “Can I get by without it?” Import only in the case that you answer the question with a firm and resounding “No.”

5. Fine tune the relationship between quality and volume of every imported raster graphic.

6. To optimize sound use MP3 compression.

7. Avoid translating text objects into graphic form.

8. While using the text field, choose your font and options Outlines with an artistic eye. When possible designate the basic font to text fields, for example, to login and password areas.

9. When choosing font settings for the clip, give preference to a font style having the simplest pattern of symbols.

10. Simultaneously when exporting a clip, make a report and carefully study it for hang-ups.

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