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Action Scripts

dudebud Flash Tutorials Mar 02, 2007

Ok when i first started using flash I was horrible.. but lots of work with the program gave me a good base and I started learning really quickly.. One of my main problems I had was Actionscript.. Actionscript can be used in flash to create everything from rollover buttons to advanced effects to connecting two people through their web cams..

In this little tut I will be going over some of the most basic Actionscripts and maybe a little bit more complex stuff too..

Ok first thing the stop command


this stops the movie from playing exactly where the stop command is located..

The play command


This makes the movie play.

Now for some button commands...

After creating a button symbol click on it on the stage and open the actions panel..

The following are the button commands..

on (press) { }
on (release) { }
on (releaseOutside) { }
on (rollOver) { }
on (rollOut) { }
on (dragOver) { }
on (dragOut) { }
on (keyPress "<what key you want>") { }

When applied with what we learned earlier with the stop and play commands you could do something like this..

on (keyPress"<space>") { stop(); } on (rollOver) { play(); }

Another usefull command is the goto commands

gotoAndPlay(); gotoAndStop();

Inside the () is where you would put where you want the command to be exicuted..

ex.. gotoAndPlay(2)

The number 2 would be frame two

You can also use frame lables..

If you click on a Keyframe on the top timeline then look in the properties inspecter there is a little input txt box.. Inside this box you can name the frame or "label" it..

for ex.

image 1

Action Scripts

Use these with the button commands to create something like this

on (release) { gotoAndPlay(34); } on (press) { gotoAndStop("end"); }

Ok well thats it for now

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