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Butterfly wings animation

Step 1

Right click on each of the following three images and save them on your computer: "body.gif", "left.gif" and "right.gif". You need them to complete this tutorial.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Step 2

Create a new document in Flash MX (400X300 pixels). In Timeline Tab insert 3 layers. Now we have 4 layers. Rename these layers like this:

image 4

Step 3

Import the pictures that you saved in the first Step , as follows: in the layer "body" import the "body.gif", in the layer "left" - "left.gif" and in the layer "right" import "right.gif". Look the results:

image 5

Step 4

Adjust the pictures positions like below:

image 6

Step 5

On the layer "bgr" using Brush Tool (B) draw the contour of the butterfly's body. The result should be like this:

image 7

Step 6

Now the wings animation. Choose layer "left". On the frame 28 insert a new frame then right click and Create Tween Motion. On the frame 5 right click and Insert Keyframe. New keyframes on the frames 8, 12, 16, 24, 28.

Repeat the Step with the layer "right". You should get something like this:

image 8

Step 7

On the keyframe "left" in position 5, select the "left.gif" in stage, resize it and move it to the next coordinates: X=188.4, Y=36.5.

On the keyframe "right" in position 5, resize and move to: X=198.4, Y=43.5.

image 9

Step 8

Repeat Step 7 for keyframe 12: resize and move "left.gif" X=164.9, Y=36.5, "right.gif" X=197.9, Y=43.5:

image 10

Step 9

For keyframe 24 resize and move "left.gif" X=142.4, Y=36.5 and "right.gif" X=197.9, Y=43.5.

Butterfly Wings Animation

Step 10

On the layer "body" in position 28 right click and Insert Frame. Repeat this for layer "bgr".

Step 11

CTRL+ENTER and watch your movie.

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