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Clipping Paths

This tutorial was written for the Flash Designer software, which allows you to create flash animations in a much easier way than by using Macromedia Flash. You may get Flash Designer here.

Clipping Paths

Intro or Outro animation effect can use additional clipping path.

image 1

No Clip - No clipping path is used

Static Clip - Flash Designer adds static clipping path. It clips the object being animated.

Animated Clip - Flash Designer adds clipping path and animated clipping path instead of the item.

Move mouse over "No Clip", "Static Clip" and "animated Clip" to see the difference.

Custom Clip Path

Draw a shape using polyline tool. Select the line and choose "Item" > "Edit Properties".

Clipping Paths

Check "Clip Path" and specify how many items above the path should be clipped. In the following example 7 circles (that drop out of the mouth) are clipped.

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