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Improving Flash Cursors

Mr K Flash Tutorials Aug 02, 2004

One of the cool things with Flash 5 is the ability to hide the cursor. However as many people will tell you this can cause some issues with usability. One of the things with the internet and the cursor is that people get used to having the cursor change once it moves over an area that is "hot" (ie a button).

This is actually really easy to implement with Flash 5 and it's hide cursor command.


Create a movie clip and call it cursor. Create 3 Layers. Top one called Label, then next is Actions and the last is the Cursor. In frame one's (1) label layer add a blank frame called normal and in frame five (5) add a blank frame called over. Add stop actions to both frames too. Now all you need to do is draw or place your cursor items in the frames. The Normal frame is what the user will see most of the time, the Over frame is when the cursor is over the button.

image 1


Back on the main stage place your buttons and other items as required, placing the cursor movie on the uppermost layer. Set up the rest using hide mouse, and start drag on Frame (1). Give the cursor movie the instance name cursor

image 2


On the buttons the last thing you need to do is place some tell targets which say the following:

Improving Flash Cursors

And that's about it. Test it and try it. This will not only improve the usability but the overall presentation of your site.

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