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3D For Flash

Swift 3D is the most versatile tool for creating web-ready 3D animations for use with Macromedia Flash. Through the combination of an easy-to-use interface, the industry standard vector exporter and a full ray tracing rendering engine, Swift 3D enables 3D novices and veterans alike to quickly create high-quality 3D animations. Swift 3D exports to both raster and vector file formats including Macromedia Flash (SWF), AI, EPS, JPEG, BMP and more, making it the ultimate tool for publishing your 3D designs wherever you want.

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3D For Flash

I've been a swift 3D user since the day it was released and I have to say it's the best stand alone software for making 3D models and animation for Flash projects. I use it for everything in 3D that I need. From making backgrounds for clients to flyers, the possibilities are limitless.

Below are some of the features included with Swift 3D.

Enhanced 3D Vector Realism. Turn your 3D vector graphics into realistic models by introducing complex shadows, transparency, advanced specular highlights and reflections into your 3D vector objects.

Photorealistic raster output combined with vectors. Take your 3D Flash work to the next level by introducing raster graphics with your vector work. Apply bitmap textures to your vector models or output to a raster format for a life-like representation of your 3D model.

New Flash MX Importer with SmartLayer Technology. Our patent pending SmartLayer technology will automatically separate your exported Swift 3D models into different still and moving layers for transparency, reflections, color, shadows, and highlights. Enhance your 3D design workflow, edit your 3D models in Flash, and create cool new effects, all while reducing your file size.

Not only can you use it for Flash, but you can also use it with Photoshop, Fireworks and other graphic programs.

Create your 3D in Swift 3D then export it to JPG or any of the formats that your graphics program will import and you have a 3D canvas to work with.

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