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  Miscellaneous Inspiration History of Web Design. Milton Glaser.

History of Web Design. Milton Glaser.

StacySummers Inspiration Aug 06, 2012

Hey folks!

You may think that I'm a slaphappy, but I can confidently say that I love Mondays! And don't even think that I'm crazy :)

Monday is the best time to start your new project. How often have you promised yourself to start doing something next Monday? "Next Monday I'll: adhere to my diet, start to learn Spanish, etc"

This Monday I want to run my new little project here. As we know, WebdesignOrg is an educational resource with a huge library of design related posts. It is time to tell our readers about the history of design, because if you don't know your history, you haven't your future! In this section I'll tell you about legendary figures, events and techniques in design. Stay tuned!

My first post is dedicated to an American designer and illustrator Milton Glaser. Yep, he is known all over the world. Yep, he is one of the most famous designer of XX century. And now he is here! (of course, not literally :) )

I Love NY

Have you seen this logo before? Many T-shirts, baseball caps, pens, mugs and so on (this list is endless) are decorated with this logo. Today even a child can recognize it. " I love New York" is the most famous Milton's work. In 1976 Milton creates the "ILNY" logo, but he did not expect that it will be a viral hit, a pop-culture icon.

To many, Milton Glaser is the embodiment of American graphic design. He won a Lifetime Achievement award from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in 2004 and National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in 2009. Today Milton is an 81 years old man with a big piece of knowledge and experience. His style is characterized by directness, simplicity and originality. There are no restrictions for him. He works in a very wide area from primitive to avant-garde.

What can we learn from him? The first thing: you should study a lot! If you want to achieve high results, to be successful, you have to know much. Milton Glaser was educated at the High School of Music and Art and the Cooper Union art school in New York and, via a Fulbright Scholarship, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. They say that if you are a genius, you don't need any school, but there are a very few geniuses in the universe. He doesn't know any self taught geniuses in the design field.

About the Art

M.G. thinks that the Art helps a person to survive, because it makes us more attentive. If you want to draw something or somebody, you should pay your attention to the small details of the object. In the everyday life we don't notice details, we don't know how things are look like, we don't know what is in the front of us. Art helps us to consider all the colors of this world. If design has a purpose and makes us more attentive, it is the Art too.

I Love NY
What Happens in Darfur Happens to Us, 2007

The design process

M.G. like no other knows how difficult the design process can be. He says that all our creative ideas already exist in our heads, but the way we'll get them out is the main mystery. You can work on a new logo during 2 weeks, day by day draw sketches. Eventually, you'll create a cool design. But at the same time, you can spend 20 minutes for one logo. And it is a cool way out :) Isn't it?

About Logos

M.G. doesn't like to talk about logos. He believes this is the worst and the most boring job for a designer. But logos make money :) Customers pay well for a good logo. When you design a logo, you want to create something new and adorable, memorable and fresh, well-recognizable but not complicated. You want to put an internal joke into your design. The most important moment is the moment between the vision and understanding of your logo design. If the logo is good, the understanding will come a bit later after the first glance.

About future

The future for M.G. is concentrated in his work. He goes to work every day in the hope to learn something new or create something stunning.

I Love NY
Bob Dylan poster for the company CBS Records (1966)

Advice for Designers

M.G thinks that it is not an answerable question. "The only advice I would give is that you have to have the courage and willingness to devote your life to it, and the enthusiasm to persist. Outside of that, there's nothing!"

In conclusion I want to share ""Milton Glaser's 10 rules for Life and work ". They are so smart! Despite his age, M.G. still rocks! My favorite rule is "IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE NEVER HAVE A JOB". It is awesome!


Van Gogh 100 Years, 1989

The Poppy Foundation, Townes Van Zandt and Mandrake Memorial, 1968

The Secret of Art, 2008

Give Earth a Chance, 1970

TABA Celebration of American Books, 1980

Monet at Giverny, 1982

Great Illustrators of Our Time, 1982

SVA Having Talent is Not Enough, 1977

Images of Labor, 1981

I Love NY

"Art is work", say M.G. And he is damn right!


Stacy Summers

Hello, I'm Stacy Summers. I want to show you amazing web things and hope you will love them just like me. If you have any questions, please contact me via email ([email protected]) or visit my Facebook page.

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