Miscellaneous Inspiration Typographical Infographics That'll Make You Go 'Wow!'

Typographical Infographics That'll Make You Go 'Wow!'

Words are a really powerful tool to express what you think, but an even more powerful weapon to visualize your main thoughts and concept are graphics. To be more specific a rich combination of beautiful typographical signs, letters and symbols. By using different fonts, sizes and styles it's possible to create stunning typographical infographics. All you need is an awesome idea and some prior knowledge on the topic to visualize your thoughts and present them to your audience.

Typographical infographics are much more than simple pictures with captivating statistics. These creations enhance the world of creativity and artistry through their precision and succinctness. With the help of elegant design and familiar associations, they turn complex graphics into easily digestible messages. Just don't be afraid of experimenting with letters and stunning design approaches. Choose the composition and layout that reflects your theme best and let your imagination fly.

We've collected an amazing set of infographics made entirely of type. Have a look at the collection below and see for yourselves how the play of letters and words can be effective and compelling.

Typographical Infographics

Panda Infographic by Lish-55

Giant-Panda typography infographics

Factoid City by heyjoshboston

Factoid City typography infographic

Our Streets. Our City by Brian Gossett

Our Streets. Our City typography infographics

Infographic of Africa by ericajloh

Africa typography infographic

Homicide infographic by MrDinkleman

homicide infographic

Top 100 fonts of all time by Skele kitty

top 100 fonts of all  time typography infographic

Got a Light by DesertViper

got a light typography infographic

On words by slimbos

on words typography infographic

Jobs Visionary by 802.11

Jobs visionary typography infographics

Advertising by Bradley R. Hughes

advertising typography infographics

Government by Jonathan Harris

government typography infographics

Typography concept by whatshername13

typography infographic

Helvetica font weights by Tommy Swanson

helvetica font typography infographics

Typeface by MiaPi

typeface typography infographics

Rockmap beta 1.4 by Ernesto Lago

rockmap typography infographic

Getting around by uncoated

getting around typography infographic

Insomnia by canadadrugcenter

insomnia typography infographics

Political climate by Albertson design

political climatr typography infographics

Healthcare Infographic by Veronica Dominique

healthcare typography infographics

Typography infographic by Peter Grundy

typography infographics

Advice for designers by Gareth Parry

advice for designers typograpy infographic

Death probabilities by Julia Hoffmann

death probabilities typography infographics

Beer map by Michael Wentz

beer typography infographics

Hot typographical infographic by Christian Ross

typographical infographics

Network by Dennis Crowley

network typography inspiration

Data Table Exercise by Inan Olcer

Data table exercise typography infographic

Evolution by Renee Alvarado

evolution typography infographic

Flight Delays by Carl DeTorres

airports typography infographic

Speaking my language by rhealpoirier

speaking my language typography infographic

Facebook infographic by Doogie Horner

Facebook typography infographic

History of the elements by B0nzo

history of the elements typography infographic

Infographic on infographics by zabisco

infographic on infographics

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